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049 Glowplug voltage

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Help! Re: 049 Glowplug voltage

Post  NEW222 Sat Dec 02, 2023 10:42 am

ffkiwi wrote:
rsv1cox wrote:
ffkiwi wrote:Very naughty do know those W element Cox heads are illegal?....and got Leroy Cox into a lot of trouble-as someone else held the patent (K&B? Allyn?-I think the Fury 049/06/074 heads used the same element style) and Cox hadn't sought permission to manufacture them. They took Cox to court over it-and he lost the case.

I have no idea how many w-element heads Cox made....but they're rare beasts today. AFAIK they were only made in the 049 size....


I did not know that.  I may have to treat mine more lightly.  When I was buying a lot (100+) of Cox .049 engines - If I found one I would remove it and place it in a compartment of my parts box sorta just rolling around.  Might have to put a tissue in there.  Smile

Sounds like there is an opportunity for our entrepreneurs to come up with a 'Cox head caddy' in the same way as you can buy standard glowplug caddys-the type that take 4 or 6 or 8 spare plugs. we've a couple of people here who do 3D printing...and this would be a fairly easy project to turn wouldn't even need to thread the holes-just a snug push fit would suffice...    Jason?  new222?   ...any thoughts?


Hi there. Sorry for the late reply, but that will be addressed in another post later today hopefully....... Mad

I do believe that it would be something that may not be too hard to do, but would definately take someone like myself some time to draw up for sure, and especially to make it look good! I like your concept for sure, but being able to put a 'twist' on it is something that I would believe to be a better alternative. That is such as making a 'holder', but as the plastic/material used is pretty ridged, I would think having a hole in which one could insert a 'protective cap' such as pictured by Bob above, and that in turn would hold the part snugly in place. With that all said, I have my printer currently down again for a couple small repairs and upgrades. Along with everything else, may be a bit till I get back to it, as my post mentioned above will entail.
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