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Post  Grf4413 Wed Dec 27, 2023 12:51 pm

Picked up a Carl Goldberg "ranger" at a swap meet.  Looks to be all there and I'm wanting to get it together and use a golden bee on it.  Need to paint, cover, protect the foam.  Just looking for advice from all of you...  As a side note, it came with a cox receiver and a pair of servos.  If anyone out there can use them let me know..  Thanks in advance.
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Post  getback Thu Dec 28, 2023 6:21 am

Hi , I am not a foam guy but did some search on foam wing covering , I am sure there will bee more people along soon to help you . Rudolph
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Post  Kim Thu Dec 28, 2023 8:54 am


Back in 2018, I finished my own Ranger using a polyurethane called "System Three".

I managed to get some properly applied and it has stood the test of time as my Ranger has flown quite a bit, and still looks good.

For in my case, I just wanted the red and black schemes of the box art, and left the other foam unpainted.  The unpainted wing is still in good shape as it gets little fuel/castor slung on it.

It's shown here in my build thread, about halfway down the first page.

I DID have some trouble getting the right mix or something...but think that was my own fault for not following instructions.

Some video of its flights are here:
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Post  Ken Cook Sat Dec 30, 2023 2:57 pm

The Systems 3 paint system was offered via Nelson Hobbies. Jerry Nelson had a very ingenious method of mixing this paint to the same colors as Monokote and other coverings. Unfortunately, due to health issues, he sold the company. I was very interested in the purchasing of this company and my friend went to visit him in Florida to work out some details. Unfortunately, for us, he wouldn't sell the paint line and wanted everything to go. He sold many other hobby related items. The new owner purchased the company and managed to essentially run it into the ground in less than 12 months. Bob purchased the main products directly from Systems 3. When I purchased the product from System 3 the color was spot on but the fuel resistance wasn't quite the same as when offered through Nelson.  The older paint line which I'm mentioning has been discontinued from Systems 3. They now offer a new paint line which is also water borne polyurethane. I haven't tried or used this and I'm looking to do so. These products are available in 4 oz. sample containers currently. Not inexpensive by any means but these products offer great durability.
I have no idea why I originally referred to him as Bob Nelson . Somehow, it was stuck in my head as Bob when it was Jerry.
Ken Cook
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