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Coolest toy gun, ever! Cox_ba12

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Coolest toy gun, ever! Empty
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Coolest toy gun, ever!

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Coolest toy gun, ever! Empty Coolest toy gun, ever!

Post  iskandar taib Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:28 pm

Yeah, somewhat off-topic, but it does have to do with plastic toys from our youth.

Came across this on Wikipedia by accident, while looking up a civil war repeating rifle:

Wouldn't I have killed for one of THOSE, when I was five years old... Check out that grenade launcher! And then it occurred to me, there should be a few of these on ebay. I was right:

Holy moly!!! I don't think I could afford one now. Shocked Reminds me of that second Toy Story movie - some collectors are nuts.

iskandar taib
iskandar taib
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Coolest toy gun, ever! Empty Re: Coolest toy gun, ever!

Post  RknRusty Mon Nov 12, 2012 4:46 am

My favorite toy gun was my elephant gun. Very realistic looking with an ivory colored charging elephant "carved" on the "walnut" stock. It had a 5 shot bottom loading clip magazine, and the bullets looked real with a spring loaded projectile and side ejecting cartridges. I have it in the gun rack in my shop. I'll take a picture later today. My friend had one too, and he and I used to hunt each other.

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Coolest toy gun, ever! Empty Re: Coolest toy gun, ever!

Post  Cribbs74 Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:20 am

Collectors are nuts?

You might incite a riot on here with a statement like that! lol!

I agree though............ Very Happy

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Coolest toy gun, ever! Empty Re: Coolest toy gun, ever!

Post  Kim Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:20 am

My childhood best-friend, Little Charlie, got a .50 cal M-2, with it's own tripod! When fired, it fed a belt of ammo through it's receiver, while the tip of the barrel recoiled...think it also had sound. I passionately lusted after that gun, but it was way out of our family's price range for Christmas toys!

I was "marked" early-on by the "Ma Duce"" and it's only been though herculean self control over the past decade that I haven't sprung for the real dog!

Think it'd be great to use it to disassemble an old car on Christmas morning, "Take THAT...Little Charlie!"
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Coolest toy gun, ever! Empty Re: Coolest toy gun, ever!

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