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Crank polishing supplies

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Crank polishing supplies Empty Crank polishing supplies

Post  fredvon4 Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:26 pm

Found these in the pine wood derby part of Hobby Lobby

Between the two kits a person should be able to polish a lot of small crankshafts

Crank polishing supplies Polish10

Crank polishing supplies Polish11

Crank polishing supplies Polish12

Some where I have a old Army Aviation MicroMesh kit for polishing out crazing and cracks in helicopter plexiglass windshields. The sand paper progresses from 400 all the way to 8000 grit.

I have seen advertised 12,000 grit that is some fine micro grit
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Crank polishing supplies Empty Re: Crank polishing supplies

Post  pkrankow Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:12 pm

I have lapping film down to .3 micron. I have hones that are supposed to be 12k grit I use these to sharpen razors for shaving (although I prefer my Belgian coticule, so the films get little use)

I got my films through since they sell reasonable quantities at decent prices. There is some polishing cloth available on Amazon loaded with a similar material.

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Crank polishing supplies Empty Re: Crank polishing supplies

Post  gcb Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:24 am

If you check on the 'net there are articles on how to polish a crankshaft written by Larry Renger. This is done in a drill press or electric drill. It removes flat spots, out of round, and high spots. I think he used down to 2K grit paper.

If I remember correctly, he stresses to only polish the crankshaft, not the crankcase.

Geez, I can't believe they put so much into PineWood Derby cars. What happened to the boys building it? Guess that's what happens when Dads get involved...especially modeling ones. :-)

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Crank polishing supplies Empty Re: Crank polishing supplies

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