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DC Bantam 0.75cc Empty

DC Bantam 0.75cc

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DC Bantam 0.75cc Empty DC Bantam 0.75cc

Post  ian1954 Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:43 pm

This is probably the second worst engine that I have ever bought. Not this one ( I couldn't resist reminding myself!)

DC Bantam 0.75cc Dc_ban10

It originally cost 50 shillings and seven pence. Two pound fifty three pence in new fangled decimal currency or $4 in the late 1960's.

The first time I landed it from control line (and it was a smooth landing) the crankshaft together with the crankcase bent. It was a monstrous flight, underpowered!

If you look at the advert below - you will see it was converted from the DC Dart 0.5cc diesel. That powered the aeroplane perfectly.

DC Bantam 0.75cc Dcad11

This is my orignal posting from my introduction

"The first engine I bought new was the ubiquitous DC Bantam. Underpowered and flimsy. It didn't last long. I used it in free flight for a while as my Dart was clapped out and I found it a pain lugging round an accumulator (2v lead acid battery). No rechargeable or fancy batteries then - only Ever Ready carbon batteries that didn't last two minutes.
I put the Bantam in a profile fuselage flying wing (I think it was a Snipe). It struggled and on landing (no undercarriage) the propeller didn't level out and the crankshaft and crankcase bent! The crankshaft snapped on straightening and I was not amused! The Bantam put me off DCs from that point on although I have a few now that I have restored."

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DC Bantam 0.75cc Empty Re: DC Bantam 0.75cc

Post  Jason_WI Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:10 pm

Never seen a bent crankcase! Usually crankcases break at the mounting lugs or carb body. The OS 40 FSR had a bad habit of breaking the exhaust out on rough landings.
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DC Bantam 0.75cc Empty Re: DC Bantam 0.75cc

Post  Cribbs74 Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:30 pm

I love old adverts....... Very easy on the eyes as there is not so much going on.

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DC Bantam 0.75cc Empty Re: DC Bantam 0.75cc

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