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Was digging in the garden today... Cox_ba12

Was digging in the garden today... Pixel

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Was digging in the garden today... Empty
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Was digging in the garden today...

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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Was digging in the garden today...

Post  Admin Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:54 pm

I had to remove a few trees that were coming up in the chain-link fence in the garden. I've been chopping them off in the past years because other plants were too close to them. Well, I'm tired of doing that, they just come right back so I went at them with the shovel today. Digging up the first tree (I believe it was a walnut tree...damn squirrels) wasn't too bad, but the roots of the second tree went down some ways. While digging, I heard a "clink" and basically a foot below the second tree was this little J.R. Watkins bottle. I've found remains of tin cans, bricks and other crap that I've always thought were left over from when they built the house in the 70's but nothing quite like this before. The original farm house was just at the end of the block (they just tore it down a few years ago) and it was owned by a veterinarian who's original vet building was just torn down a few years ago as well. So far, this bottle seems to date around the 20s. Amazing how someone else's trash could make my day...  Very Happy

Was digging in the garden today... 20160431

Was digging in the garden today... -110
Taken October 2010
Old animal hospital...before they tore it down several years ago. The next door neighbor's mother owned the house and land after the veterinarian "Dr. Feist" sold it. They have an amusements company "O'neil Amusements" where they operate rides and concessions for fairs and carnivals. It was being used as storage for amusement ride crap before they tore it down.
Was digging in the garden today... Feist10
Taken July 2007



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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Re: Was digging in the garden today...

Post  Cribbs74 Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:08 pm

Back in 1980 we lived in a an old stone home built in the 1870's. Our neighbor was landscaping his home built around that same time and took about 2 feet of earth off of his back yard. He pulled up all kinds of cool old glass bottles, lots of colors and different sizes. Those were the days before trash pickup I suppose.

Cool find, you should dig around a little more. If you can find an old dump site you could make a little money.


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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Re: Was digging in the garden today...

Post  KariFS Sun May 01, 2016 6:51 am

A few years ago I found a plumb bob buried in the ground near the house, about a foot deep like Jacob's bottle. It startled me at first, since the man who had originally built that house in the early fifties had been in the war, and it was, as Tom Jones would put it, "not unusual" for them to have brought "souvenirs" from the front. Every now and then grenades and such are found in sheds, attics and such places. But upon closer inspection this object was determined "harmless" Very Happy

It was rusted of course, having been buried for a few decades, but I took it to the proto shop where I worked at the time and sandblasted and painted it JD green. Works like a charm Smile
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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Re: Was digging in the garden today...

Post  pkrankow Sun May 01, 2016 7:49 am

That is really cool! Yes, it is just a lineament bottle, but all I ever dig up are broken bits of plow teeth in my yard. (it was a farmer's field till around 1970)

The bottle appears to be nice. Based on a brief search they are not very valuable less than $10 shipped for a nice example. It looks like a cork closed bottle. Excellent find. It would make an excellent bud vase or just something to place in a curio cabinet.

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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Re: Was digging in the garden today...

Post  roddie Sun May 01, 2016 9:40 am

That's a neat find Jacob! I think that there's a little "kid" in all of us, when it comes to finding something odd/old buried in the ground. I hope you don't get varmints digging under the fence in that area now that there's no roots/hard-pack. Did you back-fill with some good size rocks/stones? Our yard is not "garden-material".. The original contractor/developer back some 30 years ago, didn't use much loam. There's hard-pack gravel just a few inches below our sad-excuse for a lawn. We'd (I'd..) have to do elevated-gardening to be able to make a decent garden. We went with flowers (annuals) last year in pots.. about two-dozen of them.. to add some color. I've been wanting to get some landscape-timbers to make a small veggie garden. I'd need to have a few yards of loam trucked-in though. I used to bury rows of soaker-hose to water my gardens on a timer. I used the "weeping" (porous) type soaker which is recycled from car tires. I'd run the system in dry weather 5-6 consecutive days.. and fertilize/feed with a watering-can on day 7. Aside from weeding/pruning.. it was fairly low-maintenance achieving very good results.

We've recently had some cold nights here in Rhode Island.. dipping down into the 30's(F). I would really like to plant some tomatoes, bell-peppers and herbs. My wife is an AMAZING cook!

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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Re: Was digging in the garden today...

Post  NEW222 Sun May 01, 2016 9:55 am

Great little find. Now run out and get a stopper for the top and fill it up with nitro! A retro fuel container. Very Happy
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Was digging in the garden today... Empty Re: Was digging in the garden today...

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