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Thinking WELL DANG!

Post  fredvon4 Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:05 pm

I got the stunt plane bug and have been building and flying .35 sized stuff this year

I also spent a lot of time preparing my 1/2a fleet for S.M.A.L.L but did not get to go

In another thread I will do unfocused build threads on several models:

1. Pat Johnston Ring Master Gold kit...80% done waiting an a OS FP 20 to best build so far..straight and lighter than others

2. On the way a Pat Johnston Ring Master 526 Sq inch version for one of the two Horizon Horizon Hobby  Evo .36s I have...this will be first Jig built wing

Received today-- and the reason for the "WELL DANG" title...

3. The on sale Brodak ME -109 kit, at $59, is a very good deal...but UPS managed to damage the double boxed shipment and I am waiting right now for Brodak to say if they DO or DO NOT  have a Fuselage to send me... (a lot more was damaged but this is only part I don't have the stock to copy)....not sounding good as the Brodak lady on the phone thinks the computer is telling her they are sold out of the ME-109 kit...hope not...but she is trying to find me a Fuselage

However this too can be dealt with ---I do not have any light 1/2" x 4" x 36" flat sheet.... but I do have a few light sheets of 1/4 x 4" x 36" so I could laminate up a fuselage core and keep  on keeping on

4. On the way also is a Sig Sky Ray I intend to build Brett Buck style

Very Busy FRED

got silk and a lot of Randolph thinner and dope.... grin
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Thinking Re: WELL DANG!

Post  NEW222 Mon Jun 13, 2016 6:47 pm

Very nice. It looks like you will be very busy this year building. Good for you.
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Thinking ME 109 damaged fuselage follow up

Post  fredvon4 Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:56 am

The nice ladies at Brodak had a person searching through their warehouse for a Fuselage for me and called me twice saying they were still working on it.

At the 3 hour point, I called and told them not to expend an more energy..

I found several places on line describing how to do a built up profile fuselage with thinner materials laminated and that is what I plane to do

Also the long tall broken ME 109 Fuselage has enough undamaged wood to make a good 1/2a sized fuselage for some unknown future scratch build

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Thinking Re: WELL DANG!

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