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Kirn Kraft Products- Whats that thing??

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Kirn Kraft Products- Whats that thing??

Post  Marleysky on Wed Aug 03, 2016 12:18 pm

Hey! Does anyone know if Kirn-Kraft ever published a catalog or pictures  of his products or anything to Identify what an item might be?
 In my last batch of engines/parts purchased there are a couple of plastic bags with hand typed labels like:  KK-04   20.00  and  KK-72  .25   also includes in unmarked bags 3 different types of Needle Valves,  OEM, Texas Timers style  and blue plastic one.. Any Idea on what one  that might be?  
The Lapping tool by Kustom Kraftsmanship looked like a good idea, but the con rod still spins as you tighten the nut, so the piston won't spin as you lap the cylinder...masking tape on the end of the tube still works though.  
The last picture is of what I guess to be springs for the ID of the fuel pick-up in a tank? but I'm not sure what the thin u shaped wires are for. you have any guesses what they might be?

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RE: Kirn Kraft

Post  66 Malibu on Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:32 am

I can give the following part numbers from KK (Kustom Kraftsmanship) unopened packages.

Part # 515 In line ball check valve
Part #1738 Pressurized back plate with ball check valve for TD.049/.051
Part# 150 Piston/rod reset tool for Cox .020
Part# 170 Piston/rod reset tool for Cox .049 / .051
Part# 190 Piston rod reset tool for Cox .09

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