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Class Action Law this case HF

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Class Action Law this case HF Empty Class Action Law this case HF

Post  fredvon4 Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:47 am

At my advanced age I have been noticed a few times that I am included in some Class Action Law Suit

Today it is Harbor Freight and I am opting to ignore the claims process for 2 reasons:

1. Years ago I was part of a "class" and the hoops I had to jump through to get my $10 off the next bill were not worth the effort

2. We all ( well at least people that have a brain) laugh out loud many times a year at the HF ads and especially to the very funny spoof ones like Mark Bosen has posted.
In my case, I am a pretty savvy customer/consumer and accept that some of their stuff is crap ----BUT do enjoy a LOT of the good value products.  Over the years HF has SAVED me an enormous amount of $$$ compared to a similar name brand product.  And I hasten to note a LOT of the HF stuff is Identical to the name Brand product in every way

Crap example.... HF's 4" table saw is pure junk.... thankfully cheap junk....but even at that, I managed to make it useful for ONE purpose by carefully setting it up with a solid table alignment and fixed fence to rip large Maple stock into engine mounts of the correct size I need for most profile airplanes

Best ever bang for the buck from HF is my $89 free shipping small generator with a 20% off coupon.... I read EVERY review and concluded that the weak link is the Pull starter is not robust enough for a full stroke pull to the end of the starter rope...simple solution...short fast strokes. I have had this super cheap gen set for over 5 years now and it works every time for me....and if it does crap out I tend to think I would just buy another and not attempt to spend the time to look up the unobtainable parts....HF's biggest downfall, but I do note that I bought many a thing at Lowe's (the branded stuff) that has ALSO zero parts support

As I look about the shop I am indeed part of the class and I guess I could find all my receipts...
Gen set
Paint Guns
Scroll saw
4" table saw
3" Bench grinder
Cutting tools
Work Mate clone
Super cheap rotatory tools
Bench Vise
Drill Press Vise
Folding table
Butane torch
Ultra sonic cleaner

So, no Dear CEF friends, I am not going to partake in my share of the settlement....

BUT sure do wish I was a partner in the law Firm...they don't do much work and make $$,$$$,$$$ s of bucks...supposedly representing US " the Class..."

And the net effect?... all HF prices are inflated just a little more to satisfy the share holders
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Class Action Law this case HF Empty Re: Class Action Law this case HF

Post  Marleysky Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:11 pm

Fred- you have expressed my thoughts exactly as I deleted that E- mail this morning.
I have received satisfactory service from any product purchased from HF. If I didn't, I'm sure they refunded my money upon return of the defective item ( tap& die set)!
It is unfortunate that the blood sucking lawyers will get most of the $$$'s and we'll pay back by higher prices. DAMMIT!
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Class Action Law this case HF Empty Re: Class Action Law this case HF

Post  batjac Fri Mar 17, 2017 2:06 pm

Hey!!!  After reading this post, I checked my email and nothing about a class action lawsuit.  I’ve been a Harbor Freight customer and a member of their Inside Track club for years.  How come no one invited me?!?  Am I not good enough for their class action lawsuit?  I think I’m gonna get a lawyer and file a class action lawsuit against the class action lawyers on behalf of all the Inside Track members who didn’t get an invitation!

Actually, there was an ad in my email from Harbor Freight for a three day parking lot sale, so to celebrate this class action thing, I think I’m going to pop over to Harbor Freight and buy something for $1.49, and get my “FREE with ANY purchase” Super Bright 9 LED flashlight.  I already have enough tape measures and magnetic parts holders, but I can always use another flashlight.

I’m lucky in that they put in a Harbor Freight about 3 miles from my house, so I can pop over whenever I get one of these ads with freebies in them.  I have pretty much all the tools I need, but if I’m driving by, I’ll grab another spring clamp or something to get the freebie.  For one thing, I can give the free  multimeters to my neighbors so they stop borrowing my good multimeter…

I know that a lot of the stuff sold at harbor Freight is crap.  I’ve been known to take an item back a couple of times to get one that works good.  But when you get one that works good, it works.  My philosophy is to not buy electrical products that need to run unattended, no products that my life will depend on, and no products that I know I will need daily for a long period.  The only exception was the generator I bought when my mother moved in with us.  I wanted to be able to keep a heater running for her if the power went out in a winter storm.  I also did a lot of reading.  As this was the time just after Hurricane Sandy, there were a LOT of posts about people using the Harbor Freight generator back East, sometimes for weeks, with no issues.  So I got one of those.

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Class Action Law this case HF Empty Re: Class Action Law this case HF

Post  pkrankow Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:52 pm

I got a lot of their stuff. I need a new folding workbench so I can take the crap clamping top off and make two steel top tables for "hot" work, or clamp a wing wrap stooge on.

I thought about doing nice 1/2 inch plywood with some nice varnish for this purpose, but then realized I have quite a bit of galvanized #11 sheet steel courtesy of Grandpa.

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Class Action Law this case HF Empty Re: Class Action Law this case HF

Post  akjgardner Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:09 pm

OH Brother this is one Sue Happy Country. Kinda Sad, But thats just my opinion. I'm gunna go fly an airplane now,
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Class Action Law this case HF Empty Re: Class Action Law this case HF

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