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Sense from non-sense - Next two

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Sense from non-sense - Next two

Post  rsv1cox on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:05 am

If I can do these two at a time it will only take me a couple of weeks to knock out the bunch.

Looks like a newer post business sale QRC with the plastic back plate.

The QRC just needed surface cleaning, the 350 Babe Bee is near hopeless with severe corrosion, damaged cylinder head fins and a missing glow plug.  

A case for not over-tightening fuel tank screws.

I cleaned up the bent cylinder fins and re-blued.

Not pretty even after a stint on the buffing wheel and hand polish with aluminum cleaner.  But a runner with good compression.

Years ago I saved a few of my NIB Cox engines from evil ebay sales.  They come in handy for comparison purposes.

I used to keep a log on all my engines. Haven't seen it in years. Tells when I bought it, where, and how much.

Next two.

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