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Restored Cox Pt-19 Empty Restored Cox Pt-19

Post  scigs30 Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:00 pm

I already own a few Pt-19 from 1979 and the newer version from China so I was not really in the market in for another Pt-19 let alone 2. Well my wife found 2 of these Pt-19s, this one cost 25 dollars and as you can was used and dirty. I told her to pick them up, about an hour drive and I would clean them up and sell on ebay and she could keep the money. When she brought this plane home I didn't realize how much work it would take to clean the old fuel and melted rubber bands, also the engine would not turn over and was pretty dirty. I cleaned the plastic with Dawn liquid soap and in some spots used Alcohol and some mild degreaser, making sure not to lift the decals on the wing. The engine was taken apart and soaked in an old crockpot with Antifreeze and it came out nice and clean. The problem was the cylinder came out too clean and was no longer black Huh... So I posted my issue with the cylinder on the Engine forum here and was told to use Blue Gun solution, and it worked great. I replaced the glow head and oiled her up with Marvel Tool oil, I think the engine came out pretty nice. I have the second Pt-19 she brought home that is an older model and in better shape than this one, so I will get started on it as soon an I get a dark blue firewall, the fuselage is yellow and the wings are blue. Now I am thinking about just keeping this Pt-19 so she may not end up being sold, would be interesting to see how much I would have made on Ebay. Even the box in good shape for an older plane, I think this one is from the mid 70s.

Restored Cox Pt-19 IMG_8313

Restored Cox Pt-19 IMG_8314

Restored Cox Pt-19 IMG_8315

Restored Cox Pt-19 IMG_8316

Restored Cox Pt-19 IMG_8317

Restored Cox Pt-19 IMG_8318

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0267

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0269

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0271

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0273

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0274

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0276

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0277

Restored Cox Pt-19 DSC_0279

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Restored Cox Pt-19 Empty Re: Restored Cox Pt-19

Post  Marleysky Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:18 pm

Hey, you got a good deal there! You can have 4 planes for the price of 2 ! Yellow/blue and Blue/yellow, then mix and match to Blue/Blue and Yellow/yellow!! Take your wife out to dinner and keep both planes! lol!
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