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The Goldilocks Enya's Empty

The Goldilocks Enya's

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The Goldilocks Enya's Empty The Goldilocks Enya's

Post  rsv1cox Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:03 pm

The Mama Bear, the Papa Bear, and the Baby Bear.

These are the engines that ticomareado pointed me to on ebay.  The C/L 5224 .29 and early 3001 .09 always favorites. The throttled .19 4005 not so much.  

The Goldilocks Enya's P2030010

Only cleaned up a bit.

The Goldilocks Enya's P8160010
The Goldilocks Enya's P8160011

Posted to make a couple of points. The two outside engines were crock pot A/F boiled for about four hours.  The inside .19 for about eight hours at low heat.  Notice the difference.  

All came from the same seller and all had loose glow plugs.  Never saw that before.  The .29 has a #4 Enya plug.  All were castor locked.  The .29's prop washer was screwed on tight right down to where the threads ended and would not back off with wood stuck in the exhaust port blocking the piston.  Made nice little half-moon circles in the wood.  Went to plastic, same thing.  I finally doubled the plastic (drawer separators) added heat which did the job.  No pliers on the prop drive washers here.

I only disassembled the .29, had to as a piece of broken off wood got stuck on top of the crankshaft blocking it.  They all got dunked in Simple Green, then clean water, then alcohol with brushing and compressed air in-between.  Each time the engines got turned upside down and shaken.  You can hear the liquid sloshing around inside the case.  Shook each until the liquid was dispelled by turning the crankshaft a quarter turn until a full revolution was achieved, then compressed air and on to the next stage.  

Final is a soaking with Remoil, lot's of crankshaft turning and compressed air.  All have great compression and I will run each.  

Turns out the .19 gained some love.  I forgot how much a pleasure it is to disassemble and reassemble that little carburetor, finding those air bleader and throttle stop screw holes with shaky fingers.
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The Goldilocks Enya's Empty Re: The Goldilocks Enya's

Post  ticomareado Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:48 pm

You clearly aim to please.
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