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Stackers of PM

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Stackers of PM - Page 2 Empty Re: Stackers of PM

Post  NEW222 Sun Feb 21, 2021 9:08 pm

I do really like Freds method of stacking PM!
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Stackers of PM - Page 2 Empty Re: Stackers of PM

Post  fredvon4 Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:15 am

Speaking of Silver and Ammunition...everybody that made and sold silver bullets is out of stock


I am applying my google fu but want your opinion

I have very few silver coins...decades ago too much money but we bought several franklin mint type NASA or Astronaut silver dollars coinage of some island nation I don't remember...was not at the time an investment but nostalgia over the at the time lost shuttle and crew...

My desire and question...I always wanted to work 99.9 Sterling but pre internet never knew where to by rod, wire...etc
I do want to buy several pounds of silver but not spend any premium on coinage or stamped bullion

Any idea on semi bulk raw silver ? and at $28+ an OZ is this a wise time to try or is it volatile enough that may be way down in spot price next few years....

Any one chime in with an opinion.....
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Stackers of PM - Page 2 Empty Re: Stackers of PM

Post  crankbndr Mon Feb 22, 2021 12:58 pm

I found some .999 silver bullets on eBay but quite a premium over spot. I got a 2oz .308 for $82 a few weeks ago. Cant find them now.

I think silver shot is for melting and working but even shot is a premium over spot. I haven't seen wire but will look.
All 999 silver has a high premium because of shortage now.
I know folks that made 400% on their ammo because they had a large stack and sold into shortage. Don't know if it will ever get back to normal.
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Post  Sponsored content

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