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Long term project Cox_ba12

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Long term project Empty

Long term project

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Long term project Empty Long term project

Post  batjac Wed May 26, 2021 10:48 am

My wife has been wanting new carpet in our house for many, many years.  I told her that getting new carpet wasn’t a great idea, because the kids would just end up making messes and ruining the carpet.  I told her that when the kids have moved out I’ll buy her new carpet.  Good ploy, worked a long time.  Well, the day the youngest told her he was moving out, she started looking at carpet and flooring.  

So, now that we’re doing this, I have to clean up my stuff that’s spread out everywhere.  I’m looking at old models that I can get rid of if I’m not going to fly them.  A few years ago I did my BTC planes built with SIG airfoiled wood section, which were good for going roundy-roundy and maybe an occasional loop.  So they are pretty much discardable now.  But, I hate to just junk them.  Looking around, I have six of these scattered about.  What to do with them.

This morning, I woke up and said, “Durr…”  Simple solution.  Cut out the 4” Sig airfoiled wing section from the fuse, open up the empty hole for an airfoiled section, and build up a new wing to slide in place.  Just cut out a bunch of ribs and make six wings to slide in.  Why did I make this so complicated?  In fact, since is a quickie retrofit, I’ll probably just make the bellcranks external so the wing construction can be done that much simpler and quicker.

I figure about 200-225 square inches, depending on which engine I’m using.  Now I just have to decide what ribs I want to use.

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Long term project Empty Re: Long term project

Post  Marleysky Wed May 26, 2021 11:16 am

Maybe you can delay the re-carpeting until you're done remodeling your models. I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for any new stains, extra balsa dust or paint spills on the newly installed flooring!!
Although , my past experience at remodeling/updating our home just prior to selling it was: Why didn’t we do this a few years ago so we could have enjoyed the new, fresh woodwork, flooring, kitchen cabinets and countertops! Oh well, the new neighborhood was worth the move! lol!
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