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Another Glow Plug CLip Question Cox_ba12

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Another Glow Plug CLip Question Empty

Another Glow Plug CLip Question

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Another Glow Plug CLip Question Empty Another Glow Plug CLip Question

Post  fargophil Thu Jul 29, 2021 5:07 pm

From what I can find there are basically 3 glow plug clips available. The standard Cox clip of which there are probably a million or so of them out there, one made by Sullivan, a yellow model and a different one sold by Cox themselves. Of these clips which is going to give the most constant contact with the plug ensuring a reliable light. Preferably out of the box, absent having to ad d wires to the Sullivan one.
I ask because I am currently using a standard Cox clip with heavier wiring soldered on 3 inches from the clip but I can tell it is not always making good contact. Really frustrating when yo are flipping a probp with a glow plug that is not lit.
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Another Glow Plug CLip Question Empty Re: glowplug clip

Post  ffkiwi Fri Jul 30, 2021 12:34 am

From a purely 1/2A viewpoint-one of the best clips-certainly better than the Cox offering-is the Holland Hornet clip -still available from Mecoa
see: (scroll down towards the bottom of the page) .......and half the price of the Cox offering

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