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September eleventh two thousand and one Cox_ba12

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September eleventh two thousand and one Empty
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September eleventh two thousand and one

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September eleventh two thousand and one Empty September eleventh two thousand and one

Post  rsv1cox Fri Sep 10, 2021 6:09 pm

8:46 am and I'm at the front door of our house in Spring Hill Florida getting ready to let the dogs out when my wife, watching television in the living room said that an airplane had just hit one of the World Trade Centers towers.  Remembering when years earlier a B-25 hit the Empire State Building I thought another pilot had lost his way, perhaps a Piper Cub.  

Short time later, walking the dogs my wife came out and said that another airplane had just hit the second tower.  Now, she had my attention.  The rest of the day was just a blur.  

Now, twenty years later with events happening I fear for the future.  Have we laid the ground-work for another 9/11...........I think so.
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September eleventh two thousand and one Empty RE: September 11,2001

Post  66 Malibu Fri Sep 10, 2021 6:26 pm

When the declass comes about 9/11, try to get "W" and Jeb and "Poppy" and the three letter agencies to explain what really happened.
Oh Wait, no one has seen any of them for a while.....
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September eleventh two thousand and one Empty Re: September eleventh two thousand and one

Post  balogh Sat Sep 11, 2021 2:09 am

I visited the upstate NY offices of GE in Schenectady in that year and , I guess it was  in June, I had some time to spend in Manhattan before my transatlantic flight from JFK to home. Stood at the bottom of the Towers looking up and saw them only half their height, the top half blanketed in fog...

Come 9/11, I was in my office in Budapest, and I could not believe the news..tried to call my GE connection in Schenectady but the phone just kept ringing...

I visited Manhattan some years later when One World observatory was still under construction, and sat with some colleagues in a small restaurant, overlooking the site..

I cannot say more, but send again  my condolences to all families of the victims.
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September eleventh two thousand and one Empty Re: September eleventh two thousand and one

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