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Our Road trip

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Our Road trip Empty Our Road trip

Post  Oldenginerod Sat Dec 11, 2021 7:56 pm

I decided to start a new thread about our recent road trip. As mentioned in the other "tornado" thread, my wife Janet and I took a trip to the western wheat growing country.  It started out that I was going to do the camping trip on my own after I dropped Janet off for a 9 day bike riding tour and pick her up at the finish, but due to Covid the tour was cancelled for the second year running and we decided to do the camping trip together anyway.
Apart from the art silos shown in the other thread, I really wanted to visit one particular museum in a small town called Rupanyup.  There are hardly any businesses left in the town.  Just a tumbledown supermarket, bank, a rural hardware/produce store and a John Deere dealership.  No cafe and no pub (hotel bar).  Pretty unusual for any Aussie town to not have a pub, but Covid has finished them all off after hard times due to many years of drought.  The museum was an initiative of two retired farming brothers and the guy who owns the produce store, who is a real go-getter and has initiated a number of projects to improve the town.  The brothers aparently never threw anything away.  I could go on forever, but the real highlight for me (apart from 300 tractors) was the recreation of the brothers' mother's and their grandmother's original houses, which they dismantled and stored many tears ago.  The houses have been rebuilt inside a huge shed using all the original furniture, fixtures, carpet etc.  The walls are adorned with family photos just like the the houses were originally.  I'll post a couple of pictures at a time to gove some kind of impression what this place is like.
Our Road trip Img_2031
Our Road trip Img_2029
Our Road trip Img_2030
Our Road trip Img_2033
Our Road trip Img_2034
Our Road trip Img_2032

Sorry, nothing to do with Cox or aeroplanes.  The museum did have one R/C model hanging from the ceiling.  Wasn't particularly old or interesting.  Probably about a 40 size, maybe an O.S.  Couldn't tell.

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Our Road trip Empty Re: Our Road trip

Post  fredvon4 Sun Dec 12, 2021 6:33 am

I love all the various CEF reports and stories of local lore and historical sites

Great essay Rod, thanks
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Our Road trip Empty Re: Our Road trip

Post  rsv1cox Sun Dec 12, 2021 7:15 am

My Son/DIL would eat that up Rod. They love period history, especially that based around our Civil war.

I loved your Silo Art. Made my day. How anyone has the talent and creativity to do that is beyond me.

Here in America we have "Barn Art", a poor cousin to yours. Many of these are within a few miles of my house.

Our Road trip Tba_310
Our Road trip Tba_210
Our Road trip Tba10
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Our Road trip Empty Re: Our Road trip

Post  getback Sun Dec 12, 2021 8:17 am

I Like the older stuff that brings back memories when time was much simpler , The serving dishes at the table reminds me of setting at the table and passing around the goodness my grandmother would cook for your meals , O the homemade goodies and biscuits ... I guess that is one reason I cook almost everthing from scratch ,it takes time and there is more to clean up but you can't match the taste eating out (not to mention you don't know what all goes on in the Kitchen there ) Thanks Very Happy
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Our Road trip Empty Re: Our Road trip

Post  Marleysky Mon Dec 13, 2021 6:43 pm

What a trip! Sights to see are marvelous, those Grain Silos are just amazing. The pictures of the restored farm houses are very close to what I remember of my wife's Grandparents farm home. My first visit there was shortly after they had Indoor water and plumbing installed. Clean and orderly, just the basic supplies. She had tons of memories there as child, being Grandma's helper making lunch sandwiches for Grandad and the field hands, or talking her younger brother to follow her, as they climbed to the top of the grain silo and wave and yell "Hello Down There" to her parents horrified looks and trying to remain calm screams of "Please get down from there...right now!! She didn't get into too much trouble, as she DID ask if they could play in the barn! Flash back...we spent the night at her sisters house Saturday because we lost power, My wife slept on the bed with the Cast Iron frame that came from the upstairs of their Grandma's...Probably the same frame she slept on way back then...different mattress for sure!!
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Our Road trip Empty Re: Our Road trip

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