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February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine Cox_ba12

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February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine Empty
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February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine

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February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine Empty February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine

Post  Kim Thu Jan 19, 2023 8:53 am

Just a heads-up on the latest issue of Air Classics.  

This magazine continues to amaze with its high quality content, and this one---even more so.

It has to be a work of passion for its contributors to research and compile such great stuff, ranging for the EARLY days up through Space Age.  It takes a lot to make me add to my half-read stack of membership mags and other paper stuff, but I tend to absorb Air Classics as soon as it arrives, and anxiously wait for the next edition.

I know Bob's already cued in on this great magazine, but thought I'd pass along a recommendation for any other Aviation History Nerds that might also enjoy it.

Nerd Kim

February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine Air_cl11
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February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine Empty Re: February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine

Post  rsv1cox Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:35 am

Echo that Kim, best aviation oriented magazine that I have ever subscribed to. The publisher is an aviation fanatic that brings an objective perspective to the culture. He takes no prisioners in defense of the hobby. I like that.

I have given away at least four, maybe five subscriptions to members here, either as gifts or as add-on prizes in contests I have held. I keep getting renewal applications from the publisher for them. Sad

I haven't had time to remove the shipping wrap from mine yet.

February Issue "Air Classics" Magazine P1014885

Added plus for me, almost every edition has at least one referance to the P-38 and the Super Connie.
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