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Post  chevyiron420 Wed Apr 05, 2023 12:03 pm

For as long as i remember I have had a car engine crankcase and crankshaft in my parts box. It has the larger diameter with the tapered end on the crank. I ordered a prop hub for it from Matt finally. I also had a piston and cylinder with a loose ball socket. I cant find a number on the cyl. but it has two transfer ports, milled top fin, and SPI, no boost ports. In all my years of using these engines I have never needed to reset a piston. I ordered the tool and took my time and had no problems. The cylinder has a bit of pinch at TDC even after de varnishing. I finished it off with a grey horse shoe carb and started to break it in. I have three 1/2 oz runs on it so far and this thing runs great.cox car engine fix up Cox110
cox car engine fix up Cox110
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cox car engine fix up Empty Re: cox car engine fix up

Post  rsv1cox Wed Apr 05, 2023 1:56 pm

Grooved straight nosed, I call them "Tough guys". Smile Looks like Matt fixed you up with a beefy prop drive, most I see are conical.

Always nice to find a great running engines. Congratulations.

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