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Windmilling Propellers - Page 2 Empty
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Windmilling Propellers

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Windmilling Propellers - Page 2 Empty Re: Windmilling Propellers

Post  sosam117 Sat 22 Apr 2023 - 8:22

HalfaDave wrote:Hi sosam,     (and All)
It is awesome flying my 95yr old Dad's planes.
(we are a tag team taking care of Mum with dementia)
Next up is a nice Peter Rake L19 BirdDog  he built that just needs electric power figured out...
I have found several local fields,
No problems flying in.
Next step,
Firing up a Cox.049...
I doubt many people have not heard one.
Most will like it...
They will ask me where,
They can get one....
Take care,
Have fun,

Hello HalfaDave,
I have built and flew many of Peter Rake's planes.
1st one I built and flew was his Bristol Scout Biplane. (sill have it --- good flier).

I like Rake's designs as they were simple in design and building and used inexpensive electric power equipment.
Good for those on a fixed income (retired)
I too have Rake's Birddog built have yet to build it?
Have all of Rake's designs but only have built about 1/3 of them.
Also, I like to cover them in Polyspan, which is no longer available, but I have (I think) enough stashed away?
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Windmilling Propellers - Page 2 Empty Re: Windmilling Propellers

Post  HalfaDave Wed 26 Apr 2023 - 16:09

Hi sosam,
Dad built the Dumas/Rake Birdog ~15 yrs ago. Still no hanger rash...
As a scratch builder, he thinks 'lazer cut' kits are like putting an easy puzzle together... Cool
Covered with that Polyspan stuff, still unwarped....
Will figure out balance/battery/power stuff.
Test flight will be an early morning,
On a local football field.
Dad will be there. (Peter Rake too)

Take care,
Have fun,
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