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My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010 - Page 2 Cox_ba12

My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010 - Page 2 Pixel

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My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010 - Page 2 Empty
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My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010

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My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010 - Page 2 Empty Re: My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010

Post  GallopingGhostler Sun Mar 31, 2024 9:48 pm

Mauricio, puedes éxito también, si intentar otra vez. Por el enlace,
The Napoleon Hill Foundation wrote:

Edison fracasó 10,000 veces antes de perfeccionar la lámpara eléctrica incandescente. No te preocupes por fracasar una vez

El más grande inventor de América, Thomas Alva Edison tenía una extraordinaria percepción positiva de la vida que le ayudó a mejorar notablemente su capacidad como inventor. Cuando cualquier otro pudo haber abandonado fácilmente un proyecto que implicaba haber fracasado miles de veces en el intento de crear una lámpara eléctrica, el gran Edison simplemente aprendió de cada fallido experimento, preocupándose por eliminar las causas en cada fracaso hasta encontrar paulatinamente la solución hacia el objetivo deseado.

Todos podemos aprender de esta perseverancia de Edison. Abundan historias de inventores que ante el fracaso recurrente prefirieron abandonar sus intentos, o, de mineros que en busca de oro y ante la imposibilidad de encontrarlo abandonaron sus excavaciones a tan solo unos cuantos metros de haberlo logrado si tan solo hubieran sido solo un poco más perseverantes. Hay pocos obstáculos en la vida que no sucumban ante la constancia, perseverancia sostenida y actitud positiva.

Cuando te desmotivas después de un fracaso, recuerda los 10,000 fracasos que tuvo Edison antes de encontrar la solución de lo que sería un invento que cambió al mundo.
Mauricio, you can succeed too, if you try again.
Translation of the link:
The Napoleon Hill Foundation wrote:

Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent electric lamp. Don't worry about failing once

America's greatest inventor, Thomas Alva Edison had an extraordinary positive perception of life that helped significantly improve his ability as an inventor. When anyone else could have easily abandoned a project that involved having failed thousands of times in the attempt to create an electric lamp, the great Edison simply learned from each failed experiment, worrying about eliminating the causes of each failure until gradually finding the solution towards the desired objective.

We can all learn from this perseverance of Edison. Stories abound of inventors who, faced with recurring failure, preferred to abandon their attempts, or of miners who, in search of gold and faced with the impossibility of finding it, abandoned their excavations just a few meters after achieving it, if only they had been a little more persevering. There are few obstacles in life that do not succumb to perseverance, sustained perseverance and a positive attitude.

When you become demotivated after a failure, remember the 10,000 failures Edison had before finding the solution to what would become a world-changing invention.

¡Feliz Pascua! Cant Resist The Bunn
Happy Easter!
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My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010 - Page 2 Empty Re: My friend Ramón, his Cox .09 & Cox .010

Post  getback Mon Apr 01, 2024 7:19 am

That lathe has turned you in to a parts maker , you have very steady hands my friend and patients I don't have :} Hold on to it you never know what might show up that will put it back in service . RC Plane
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