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Drones are coming soon, are we ready? Cox_ba12

Drones are coming soon, are we ready? Pixel

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Drones are coming soon, are we ready? Empty
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Drones are coming soon, are we ready?

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Drones are coming soon, are we ready? Empty Drones are coming soon, are we ready?

Post  fredvon4 Thu Jan 30, 2014 10:57 am

I spouted off in another thread that drones are going to drive further Gun Legislation

I think the multi rotor drones have a LOT of good legitimate tasks that can be accomplished.

Example I expect in a few years my rural co-op power company may dispatch them on some routine schedule to fly all the power lines to spot tree branches that need trimmed out of the power lines or see exactly where a line is down before dispatching a crew

I would hope before they do that they send us all a letter describing the work, what a co-op "drone" looks like, and ask us to please don't shoot them for sport or anger

Unfortunately hovering drones can be used to encroach on our privacy by law enforcement and others

I would hope that if my sherrif is going to use drones to find hidden meth labs he creates a protocol for his deputies that prohibits snooping on nude sunbathing in backyards. And includes a daily review of all video to ensure compliance as well as strict penalty if policy is violated

I would hope this thread could explore what we think could be useful and legitimate uses of this capability and express how would be concerned if used for nefarious reasons

I am a super conservative person who believes the Constitution was written in near perfect English and was crafted to be absolute in exactly what Rights American Citizens have and exactly what limits were imposed on ALL levels of American Government

I object to all restrictions on my right to defend myself, my free association, my freedom of speech, and my freedom to move about as I see fit...In my opinion (and I liked George Bush) the Patriot Act was the single worst legislation in this century

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Drones are coming soon, are we ready? Empty Re: Drones are coming soon, are we ready?

Post  crankbndr Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:08 pm

The NSA is collecting and storing every keystroke of your computer, every text and every call on your phone. This by itself does not bother me a lot because I got nothing to hide.
But when you have government agencies like the IRS targeting people because of there politics it becomes more disturbing to me.
1984, Big Brother is watching you.
PS the Governor NY does not want me in his state, WOW!
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