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AME/Norvel .15 bb - Page 2 Empty

AME/Norvel .15 bb

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AME/Norvel .15 bb - Page 2 Empty Re: AME/Norvel .15 bb

Post  getback Tue May 06, 2014 8:31 pm

WOW!  alright I was here Very Happy Good  ; all the Fox s I have ran seem to start best right out of a flooding  Very Happy My OS engines too say 15-35 seems it may give it more compression when hot, Two Cents Getback..................gook? Very Happy I change my mine ...LOL!
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AME/Norvel .15 bb - Page 2 Empty Re: AME/Norvel .15 bb

Post  RknRusty Tue May 06, 2014 9:15 pm

@getback wrote:.....................gook? Very Happy  I change my mine ...LOL!
Yeah, gook. I was given a gallon of 5/29. Gook might be too light of a word. After flying with that fuel the whole plane is a regular snotfest. I'll be glad when I run out of it.
I bought a gallon of Sig 10/20 for $20 bucks this weekend for my OS engines. I'll be glad when I run out of the 5/gook with the Fox.

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