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OS 40 LA cleanup Cox_ba12

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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty

OS 40 LA cleanup

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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty OS 40 LA cleanup

Post  ian1954 Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:35 pm

This is not one of my restorations or "Shelf Queen" cleans - they take a long time.

It is the same process but "perfection" takes over and it always involves fully dismantling the engine (do not do this unless absolutely necessary!) for a "Shelf Queen". When I say a long time - I mean weeks of "on and off", returning to and inspecting followed by rejecting a less than perfect finish.

However, this job was three and a half hours from start to finish. I would say that it approaches 80% of what I would describe as perfect but ........ the next 20% - full scratch removal, blending out any corrosion, removing any ugly casting marks and a full polish .... you would be looking at, probably, five times this - perhaps 20 hours.

So here is the quick and dirty.

The engine came to me - OS 40 LA - as the result of a prang. I knew the history of it but as I now have quite a collection of LAs (and word has got around!), it was given to me along with the front end of the plane.

The plane ( an RC Fun Flyer) was built 18 months ago. The engine had been carefully run in and operated with 10% castor and 10% synthetic oil. However, the flyer/builder was not too particular about fuel proofing and that led to the demise of the plane.

He was very unhappy as it was his pride and joy - rescued his gear and left the front end in his garage for 10 months - built another Fun Flyer but this time fuel proofed it and installed a 46 LA.

So he gave me the 40.

It was scratched, the castor had gummed it up, bits of the blue paint had come adrift and corrosion had set in beneath the paint in places. Some castor had congealed on the outside of the engine and was rock hard. At first I thought it was epoxy!

Apart from that it looked fine and so I dunked it in my Hoppes/turpentine mixture as I couldn't stand the sight of it and then I promptly forgot about it until I needed to do a quick engine clean today. It has been soaking for around five weeks.

When I pulled it out the paint had bubbled and so that solved what I was going to do to tidy it up!

OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_10

Then I started on the silencer. I normally use Solvol Autosol but I also use Peek (I know this can be found in the USA). Here I use 0000 wire wool and the Peek polish along with a toothbrush (I also trim the handle to fit crevises).

OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_11

I often find very hard castor varnish that has to be scraped off. It seems like epoxy sometimes but it eventually dissolves in neat Hoppes.

OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_12
Then for the paint removal. It starts easy. First I block up the exhaust, rear crankcase and the venturi inlet. Then start with my thumbnail. When that has worn down I revert to the toothbrush and wire wool.
OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_22
Often there are stubborn bits and so I apply paint remover and rework with the brush and wire wool.
OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_21
OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_20
Then it is back to wire wool and Peek polish. I often resort to a brass wire brush.
OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_19
It is important to keep wiping off the polish as it blackens. The polish is slightly abrasive and gets more abrasive as it picks up the surface of the engine.
Then we are finished!
OS 40 LA cleanup Os_40_18
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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty Re: OS 40 LA cleanup

Post  andrew Sat Aug 16, 2014 4:25 pm

Very nicely done!! That was quite a transformation you performed -- from ugly duckling to a swan. I never cared for the blue LA's and always tried to stay with the silver version.
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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty Re: OS 40 LA cleanup

Post  Cribbs74 Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:42 pm

Meh, it looks ok  Wink 

Great job Ian, I think you got a good thing going on there.

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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty Re: OS 40 LA cleanup

Post  Jason_WI Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:46 pm

Looks better than new. Never understood why they painted the LA series. Paint holds heat.

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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty Re: OS 40 LA cleanup

Post  ian1954 Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:23 pm

I have a few more "blues" to do.
OS 40 LA cleanup Os_46_10
That should keep me busy on a rainy day and we have a lot of those here.
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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty Re: OS 40 LA cleanup

Post  pkrankow Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:56 pm

Just run them!

(the bare metal does look much better though)
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OS 40 LA cleanup Empty Re: OS 40 LA cleanup

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