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Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel - Page 2 Cox_ba12

Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel - Page 2 Pixel

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Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel - Page 2 Empty
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Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel

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Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel - Page 2 Empty Re: Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel

Post  ian1954 Fri Dec 18, 2015 4:50 am

This prop came as a spare with a T. Wasp 0.1cc diesel. The one shown here with the T. Wasp is a 3 x 1.25

Looking for a prop for Blitz .05cc diesel - Page 2 T_wasp10

I only have a few small props suitable for running with tiny diesels 3x1.25 (above), 3x1. 2.5x1, 2x1, 1.5x1 and an aluminum 1x1.
One of each is all I have - one day I will either mould or machine some.

The smallest "petrol/diesel" props I have seen are for Cox 010 - 3x1.25 - but the hubs are a little too large for these small engines.

Balancing tiny props isn't easy either!

I can't imagine that sub 3x1.25 props have ever been widely available as engines smaller that the Cox are a rarity themselves. Only limited runs would have been made.

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