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My twice a week video hangout show - Page 3 Empty
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My twice a week video hangout show

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My twice a week video hangout show - Page 3 Empty Re: My twice a week video hangout show

Post  RknRusty on Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:49 pm

Wow, it's been about 18 shows since I've posted a link here at CEF advertising it to you guys.
It was frustrating with the spam kids for a while, but when I started doing it as "unlisted" until the broadcast ends, the problem has ended and the shows are free of the disturbing interruptions. The only problems are that you Stunt Hangar channel subscribers don't get a notification with a link on your channel when the show begins at 9:40 pm Eastern US time, every Monday and Friday. And  you must be a Stunthangar member to get to the "At the Bench" thread to get the links to the show. But it's easy to join SH, and I post the reruns  as public too, so you non-members can watch the previously recorded episodes. And while we broadcast unlisted, the donation button in the 'Tube chatbox won't work. Mark, Mike, James(Jamie) Holford, Jim Ballard and some other CEFers still participate since they are SH members and can access the thread with the links.

Last week I started broadcasting Public again on a trial basis and have not yet been hit by spammers. Maybe they forgot about us... or maybe got banned from our reported complaints. We have had some excellent shows and I hope y'all still watch, no matter whether it's live on camera, live on YouTube, or just reruns. Reruns give you the advantage to FF through any parts that bore you and just catch the highlights. The only drawback of reruns is you can't post in the chatbox, which I always watch during the session so I can relay your Q, A, and Comments to the video guests.

The reruns are still always on the Stunt Hangar channel with all of Sparky's builds, tips and tutorials:

And also on my channel:

I hope y'all are still interested in watching. Here is last night's show, (Friday, April 20, 2018)

I'll try to be better about posting the link to the rerun of every show in this thread each night after the broadcast ends. That's Mike Londke's mug in the video above, Lol.

See y'all in the funny pages,

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