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What Engine Should I Get?

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Thinking What Engine Should I Get?

Post  lazyfortress Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:30 pm

Hello! This is my first post! I'm very new to engines.

I was considering buying a Cox engine to fool around with, and even make a free flight model aircraft that is powered by a Cox engine. I don't know how to even start an engine, nor do I know how to fuel up an engine.

I was considering buying one of these 4 .049 engines:

.049 Golden Bee II
.049 Copperhead
.049 Venom II
.049 Texaco II

Which would be the best engine for me to buy? The Copperhead seems really neat and all with 20,000 RPM, but the Venom II can also reach 20,000 RPM. But the Copperhead looks a lot cooler. What's the difference between the Texaco II and the Texaco Jr. II?

Before I buy an engine, what else would I have to buy in order to actually fire up the engine?

Sorry for all the questions!

Also, what's the deal with the .049 Blue Bullet and the Cox Terminator engines? I heard about those engines a few hours ago while browsing this forum.
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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  NEW222 Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:14 pm

Well, firstly, welcome to CEF! Secondly, I will do my best for you on the rest of the questions.
As for the engine choices:
Golden Bee II - remake of an oldie, fun and reliable, very versatile. Good for many uses.
Copperhead - performance serialized engine.
Venom II - another performance remake of a model from times past. Made for racing.
Texaco II - yet another remake of a classic engine. Designed to swing larger prop with lower RPM and better fuel economy. Designed for free flight events.

Honestly, my opinion only, I would recommend the Golden Bee II. If it was me, knowing what I do, this would be my choice. Reason being is that it is personally the most universal engine you listed. Can be used for many diciplines. However as you do mention a free flight, and if that is what you only intend on doing, then I would say the Texaco (again, this is only because you mentioned a free flight model). The difference between ther Texaco II and Texaco Jr II is the fuel tank size. All the engines you have listed have an 8cc fuel tank, while the Texaco Jr II have teh same 5cc fuel tank of the Babe Bee series. So, teh difference is 3cc of fuel which equates to run time.

What else do you need. That question can vary in as to how far you want to go. But, I will keep it as simple as you need to be.
1. Nitro fuel
2. Cox glow plug clip and batteries(I use 2 D cell batteries in parallel to keep it 1.5V)
3. Glove to wear while winding the propeller, or a 'Chicken Stick' (piece of rubber hose or dowel with hose on the end)
4. Fuel bulb or syringe to fill the fuel tank (I like and use a syringe)

As to your last question regarding the Blue Bullet and Terminator engines, they were limited numbered serialized performance engines by Cox International. Done in similar fashion to the Copperhead you have listed, only slightly different parts.

I hope this helps some. If I missed something, I am sure someone else will be here soon to correct me or add to this.
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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  Oldenginerod Sun Dec 03, 2017 4:40 am

I'd agree with NEW222.  Out of the ones you mentioned I would choose the Golden Bee, but the fuel tank probably isn't the most appropriate for use in free flight.  Personally, I think you should start out with a Babe Bee.  It is probably a lot cheaper than the others, particularly collector type engines like the Copperhead, Blue Bullet and Terminator.  They're easy to find used on ebay.  You don't need high-performance when you're just starting out.
It has a small tank, which is what you need for a free flight.  You only need a few seconds run time or you'll find yourself running for miles trying to catch your plane. lol!
If you wanted something a little more special, a Texaco Jr might be your best choice.  As NEW mentioned, they are designed for free flight but even then, a full 5cc tank on this engine will make it run way too long.  Watch this video to see why.
The Dakota is a neat little plane, but seems really overpowered in this video.

Don't be scared to ask lots of questions here.  People are happy to help out.  It might be good to let us know where you are located.  That way someone here might be able to put you in touch with someone who can help out.

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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  Kim Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:26 am

Welcome to C.E.F. lazyfortress !!!

Agree with the other guys...with a leaning toward Rod's opinion about the Babe Bee.
The high-performance engines are great, but it might be a good idea to start with a more easy-natured engine.

There will be other guys checking in, so stand by!
Good to have you here !!!
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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  OVERLORD Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:25 am

Welcome to the forum!!!

If your aim is free flight, I suggest to start off with a 0,3cc Pee Wee. Model are easy to make and stay limited in size. You can use coroplast as building material. It has several advantages: mostly free, fuel proof and easy repairable.

I made the Flying Sorcerer

and the Wing Ding:

After building the Pee Wee powered version, I made a bigger model powered by a 0,8cc Babe Bee:

This is a video with both Pee Wee models flying

I hope this will help making your choice.

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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  MauricioB Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:54 am

Welcome to the forum! ... you are already getting very good answers from the friends of CEF ... just as is the custom here ...
Good luck
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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  roddie Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:47 pm

Welcome to the forum!! Hand Shake We all get excited when a new young member joins and asks for advice! You've already gotten some very good advice!

I have a few things to add. There are "instruction-sheets" here on the forum that can be found on the left-hand side-bar if you scroll down a little. Amongst those are instructions on starting the engine. They are PDF documents that can be downloaded and printed. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with them.. and print one out to have as a handy reference.

What else will you need once you choose an engine? I'll list some things that I don't think were mentioned thus far.

You'll want to get a small block of hardwood (not balsa..) for mounting the engine to perform "test"/bench-runs. You'll want to clamp or "screw" this mount securely to something rigid. You'll need four small (#3 or #4) wood-screws.. at least 1/2" long, to mount the engine to the block. A small screwdriver to fit those screws is REALLY helpful. Marking and pre-drilling the holes helps to install the screws.

You'll want to source the "proper" glow-fuel for your Cox engine. Don't buy or use just "any" glow-fuel. Search "fuel" here on the forum.. and do some reading. I personally would recommend you visit "Sig Manufacturing Co." website.. and search "1/2A" (which is the size-designation of the engine that you're considering) for fuel. Sig "Champion-25" is a good "sport fuel".. and is available in "pints".. unlike other brands. Buying a pint won't cost very much $$.. and Sig also stocks just about anything you'd need to build a model airplane. Consider your design-requirements.. and surf Sig's site to see if you can "bundle" additional items to help complete your model.. and save on shipping-costs.

A glow-engine uses a glow-plug/glow-head to ignite the fuel. The plug operates on 1.5V DC current. A "clip with wires" is needed to connect the plug to a power-source (1.5V battery). The battery is NOT needed once the engine is running.. and can be disconnected. DON'T EXCEED 1.5V (volts). Doing so will destroy the coil/element. Glow-plugs/heads are expensive.. but they can last a long time. Having a "spare" is a good idea though.

It's important to always consider SAFETY. Wear safety-glasses/goggles when in the proximity of a running aero-engine. A propeller could break.. and throw a blade. A propeller's thrust will kick-up sand/grit that could get in your eyes. Don't run the engine indoors. Bench-running inside an "open" garage is ok.. but remember; glow-fuel is flammable. Glow-fuel is also poisonous.. so keep it tightly-capped and out of the reach of young children when not in use.

Don't forget about buying a Cox wrench-tool for your engine. A Cox glow-head requires a special wrench to remove it. You won't need any other special tools to service/maintain the engine. As I mentioned; small screwdrivers are very handy to have.

Best of luck buddy.. and never hesitate to ask questions here. The only dumb question.. is the one that "isn't" asked..  Thumbs Up
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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

Post  RknRusty Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:54 pm

Actually, two wrenches makes things easier than a single wrench.
Welcome to CEF,

And capping the fuel is important to retain the volatiles, Nitromethane and methanol, that power the engine. Every moment it's open water is entering and your go-juice is evaporating. Evap is why it feels cold on your skin. Never leave it uncapped for one second longer than necessary.

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Thinking Re: What Engine Should I Get?

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