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The Chevy 348 engine

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The Chevy 348 engine Empty The Chevy 348 engine

Post  Eddy Fri Jun 25, 2021 2:50 pm

Does anybody remember the Chevy 348 engine? Before there was the Chevy 409, it's little brother, the 348, lead up to the 409. I bought a used 1959 Chevy Impala in March of 1964, it had the stock 250 horse 348 engine along with a Turbo glide transmission. I was told of a wrecked 1961 Chevy in the summer of 1964, that had the rare 350 horse 348 engine. It was found to have bad pistons and rods, the 61's 4 speed transmission was not usable. I bought the 1961 348, 350 horse engine, along with the clutch linkage, bell housing, flywheel and the 3.70 positraction rear gear set. The 59's stock 348 engine, along with turboglide, and stock 3.08 open rear gear set were all pulled from the 59 Chevy. The 3.70 posi was swapped into 3.08's place. The 1959's 348 was sent to a machine shop, and it was over bored 0.30 and fitted with new Jahans, 11.25 to 1 pistons and forged rods. The 348's 350 horse solid lifter cam, solid lifters and a 409 oil pump were all ordered from the Chevy dealer. The 61's heads were sent out and fitted with all new valves of, 2.06 and 1.72 intake and exhaust, all new dual valve springs were fitted to each of the valves as well. The 61's dual point distributor was rebuilt with new springs and weights, there was no vacuum advance. The three Rochester carburetors were all rebuilt and fitted with new progressive linkage from the 61's engine. The new 348 engine was given a balance to 6,000 rpm's. A rebuilt 4-speed, with a bench seat shifter, were all bolted behind the newly rebuilt 348 engine, then dropped back into the 1959 Chevy. Starting up and driving the new 348 engine was just unreal. With the lumpy exhaust sound at idle, along with the whine coming from the 4-speed, this was no family Impala anymore. So many memories with that 1959 Impala. Stop light races, with all three carburetors wide open at 6,000 rpm's, seems like only yesterday. That 348 made a believer out of me, along with more than a few of the early muscle cars that tried to best it. Today, few people remember the Chevy 348 engine anymore, the summers of 1964 and 1965, were some of the best years of my life. Uncle Sam then knocked on my door, after the next 4 years, nothing was the same ever again. Eddy
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The Chevy 348 engine Empty Re: The Chevy 348 engine

Post  Ken Cook Fri Jun 25, 2021 5:10 pm

Eddy, in my opinion the 59 Impala is one of the most iconic and most attractive vehicles of the 50's. My dad owned a 61 Impala and it did have the 348 which was stolen. The car was located weeks later with the engine missing and another real beat up something or other in it's place. My dad was sick to his stomach over this. I remember as a small kid getting in the 61 one last time and driving it to a house where my dad sold it to a fellow for nearly nothing. The car had a 3 speed trans and it wouldn't stay in gear. I remember getting in the back seat and my dad telling me to keep my foot on the shifter. As funny as this might sound, the neatest thing was when I would wash the car and the twin antennae in the rear. I never saw this on any other car and it just was a neat feature. Most 348's I've seen were mostly in trucks. Seeing that the 409 morphed from the 348, I suppose it's essentially a big block.
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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The Chevy 348 engine Empty Re: The Chevy 348 engine

Post  rsv1cox Fri Jun 25, 2021 5:30 pm

'57 thru '63 were golden years for Chevrolet. I always wanted a '59 Impala to go along with my '59 Corvette. Never happened. Corvette had a 283 with the original CQ block, rebuilt it from the ground up.

Only thing better looking going away than the '59 Impala was...........well we won't go into that. Smile

The Chevy 348 engine Maxres10

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The Chevy 348 engine Empty Re: The Chevy 348 engine

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