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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Cox_ba12

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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Empty
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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday!

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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Empty Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday!

Post  sosam117 Fri Jan 21, 2022 9:44 am

Hello CEF members and friends,

Last week I received an email from my Aussie friend about a contest his club is hosting for Hazel's 100th Birthday.
Here is his email pasted here:

Hi guys,
I am not sure if you in the USA are involved and the instigators, but I think you might be.
Anyway, the President of our MAAA (read AMA for you) wished us all well and said we need to
celebrate Hazel Sigs 100th birthday on 26/27 Feb (actually 3 March).
So being the sort of guy I am I have ‘organized’ our Club - 40 odd members some only heli.

I have, as a result, made 20 SIG Flip glider kits, for a build on the field, and mass launch.
Plan are attached in case you don’t know of it.
There will be certificates for ‘doers’ to commemorate the event.
The kit is so complete it, I've included Pixy Dust, Ca glue and a dihedral gauge!

I also built a Thermal Delta Dart and a photo of my scratch built 1 hour job is also attached.

Regards from Oz,
Allan Laycock

Photo of Allan's Dart.
Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Dart10

Link to the plans for the Sig Flip Glider (below):
Sig Flip Glider plans
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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Empty Re: Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday!

Post  Levent Suberk Thu Feb 03, 2022 6:34 am

Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Unname10
Levent Suberk
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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Empty Re: Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday!

Post  Cribbs74 Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:10 am

Impressive milestone. Happy 100th Hazel!

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Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday! Empty Re: Hazel Sig's 100th Birthday!

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