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.049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee) Empty
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.049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee)

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.049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee) Empty .049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee)

Post  Motorman0504 Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:19 pm

I just bought 2 used Cox Golden Bees from a friend. Nice engines in good condition. One has a #1 cylinder with the cut out under the exhaust and two regular bypass ports (non TD). The other engine has a #2 cylinder with one regular bypass port and is constant diameter from the case to the cooling fins. Both have two exhaust ports with no bar and neither has the wrench flats on top.

Wondering which cylinder is OEM.

I know the TD cylinder is #4 so it seems funny the less powerful cylinder would be #2 and the one with twin bypasses would be #1. Were there two different numbering systems pre/post buy out?

Did the Golden Bee ever have a gold spinner or is there one available?

What prop and fuel do you guys like for the golden bee on a sport stunt control line plane?

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.049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee) Empty Re: .049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee)

Post  balogh Fri Sep 15, 2023 12:29 am

Hi Motorman, welcome to CEF.

On the left of this page  click on "Cylinder Identification that will bring you to a table with all COX 049 size cylinder data.

If your No 2 cylinder has a constant outside diameter below the fins and no flats cut on the top fin for the wrench, that is a thin wall cylinder from the 60-s that also has a tapered bore which, if carefully handled, will have a very good compression longevity. I think Golden Bees came with No2 cylinder. So this may be the OEM on your engine.
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.049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee) Empty Re: .049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee)

Post  GallopingGhostler Fri Sep 15, 2023 5:06 am

@Motorman0504 , Welcome to the forum!

Regarding Golden Bee ever having an anodized yellow spinner, that I don't know. It may have been possible, but I don't think any of mine have it (black or plain).

Ex Model Engines has three .049 spinners available in plain aluminum, anodized red and anodized blue. He is out of the anodized black.
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.049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee) Empty Re: .049 Cylinder Numbers (Golden Bee)

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