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Fox 35 Stunt Empty Fox 35 Stunt

Post  Alvaro1961fox Fri Jun 07, 2024 11:11 am

Anybody know where I could get a new or used in good condition a Cylinder Liner for Fox 35 Stunt?
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Fox 35 Stunt Empty Re: Fox 35 Stunt

Post  Ken Cook Fri Jun 07, 2024 6:41 pm

Hello Alvaro, I'm a big Fox fan and Fox .35 user. Finding what you seek is somewhat difficult but not impossible. The reality is that finding another engine is probably cheaper than the parts your seeking. You would need the rod and wrist pin as well. Breaking in a new piston/cylinder on a used rod would not be my recommendation. While it would work it can be short lived. The other problem is that one needs to keep in mind that the parts are not CNC machined parts and fitting a new piston/cylinder to a old case can also prove slightly problematic. I've had to lap the cylinder itself into the case because it was just slightly too tight. Now most wouldn't recommend this because heat transfer comes from conductivity. The reality is that when the cylinder expands, it binds down on the piston and never comes up to it's fullest rpm's if forced into the case.

Of course this is a worst case scenario which can be resolved, I'm just letting your know if your unaware of the Fox tolerances. I just sold 3 Fox piston liners and I let them go for $45 a piece. While a new Fox won't be found at that price, used ones certainly do. In most situations, most Fox's aren't even fully broken in. Some of the versions I prefer is the 40th anniversary due to what I feel are some of the best fitted Fox .35's. The later 50th and 60th anniversary cases have the wider exhaust stack which is excellent for strengthening the case in this area to retain the muffler. Whereas the 40th anniversary utilizes very small ears on the casting. These can easily break in a ground strike due to the muffler.
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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Fox 35 Stunt Empty Re: Fox 35 Stunt

Post  ffkiwi Fri Jun 07, 2024 6:46 pm

You've asked this same question elsewhere and been given an appropriate answer there: try MECOA or buy a second hand Fox 35....those are your ONLY options (at present...!)    Mecoa are not showing the liner in their current listings....but that does not mean they don't have them.....they are still getting on top of their Fox spares inventory....and sorting THOSE out are not their top priority understandably. A phone call or email enquiry to them might yield a more accurate answer on availability.....     Likewise, buying a second hand Fox 35 carries its own risks in terms of damage or wear-and model variant-though there is a reasonable chance of finding an unrun one for sale-its not as if they are rare after all.

your final option-not yet covered elsewhere-is to see if Brian Gardner in Australia has any plans to do a run of Fox 35 ABC liners....his work is flawless and beyond reproach-but you could wait for years, as he does them in batches, and only when he has enough orders-which is usually a minimum of 20-plus he is booked up for several years in advance with existing orders for a variety of engine piston liner units. And they are not cheap-quality costs-you could probably buy 3 or 4 second hand Fox 35s for the cost of one of his ABC piston liner sets.

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Fox 35 Stunt Empty Re: Fox 35 Stunt

Post  GallopingGhostler Fri Jun 07, 2024 10:19 pm

Alvaro1961fox wrote:Anybody know where I could get a new or used in good condition a Cylinder Liner for Fox 35 Stunt?
Welcome to the forum, @Alvaro1961fox !

Have you tried, Stunt Hangar Control Line Forum ?

Ken brought up interesting facts on the Fox engines, he here seems the most intimate with them. Others have Fox, I have a few, but they are collectors for me now, .25 R/C, .15-X C/L and R/C, .09 Rocket. Don't have a .35. Ron @Cribbs74 does C/L flying with Fox .35's, but hasn't been posting much lately.

IMO, much of the interest here has been with the smaller Fox .049 and .074, aligned with haf-A and A small engine interests here that prevail, although a number occasionally post on others. @EXModelEngines is offering new old stock Fox .049's .

On Stunt Hangar, there were some who did provide custom Fox parts, like some standard, chrome plated, and/or ABC cylinders, pistons and con rod. But, a good number of those cottage industry producers have retired from the business or passed away.

However, someone there may have dibs on someone whose picked up the slack, or with additional info, may have the part you are looking for.

Also going back to what Ken said, what year and version of Fox .35 do you have? 3 bolt or 4 bolt back? Just from my reading a listening, I kind of gather that Fox had a habit of making changes midstream. Someone would try to fit a new liner and find now it doesn't fit. Don't take my word for it, but those are my general impressions.

Then in the cottage industry, one would send their engine to them for repair / refitting, then they receive it back working properly, or so I gather. The person there would do whatever tweaking / selecting so the customer received back his working engine.

Anyway, good luck!

- George
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Fox 35 Stunt Empty Re: Fox 35 Stunt

Post  Ken Cook Sat Jun 08, 2024 7:18 am

Typically "Stunt" when used as a reference for the Fox .35 equates to the three bolt backplate. While Brian Gardner has beautiful offerings, these parts aren't a plug and play item. They need to be fitted and this can be very tedious and possibly impossible for those that don't understand how to do it. Brian uses a larger rod which limits it's fore and aft movement. I take a stone and make a lead bevel on the crankpin to assist in getting the large end on the crank pin. In addition, the bushing is not sized to your crankpin on your crankshaft, it's sized to the smallest dimension he received from those that provided him shafts to compare. Therefore, the bushing needs to sized to your specific crankpin. I use a specific chamfer tool to ream the rod bushing side that faces the crankweb which allows the rod to square up to the crankpin during installation. This may also require 2000 grit paper wrapped onto numerous number drill bits to assist in opening the bushing up slightly.
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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Posts : 5518
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Fox 35 Stunt Empty Re: Fox 35 Stunt

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