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Post  roddie Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:38 pm

I have two types of digital scales. One is a "postage-type" with a plate.. and one is a "hanging" scale with a hook and strap; the latter of which, I purchased for getting thrust-readings from the engine-dyno that I made. These scales were both quite inexpensive.. (less than $30.00 USD for both)

Seeing that the postal scale's capacity is 3 lbs./1300g. with a resolution of 0.05oz./1g and the hanging scale's is 50kg.. but has a "dual-accuracy" function under 10kg (accurate to within +/- 5g) and over 10kg (accurate to within +/-10g) I was curious as to "how accurate" the hanging scale could be.. when compared to the more sensitive postal scale.

Here are my results, using two different weight objects to provide a better "range" of accuracy test. Although neither of these scales can be considered "precision" instruments for what little they cost; I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

digital scale comparison  Compar10
digital scale comparison  Compar11
digital scale comparison  Compar12
digital scale comparison  Compar13

My hanging-scale will not sense a weight under 20g.. unlike the postal-scale, which has given readings as low as 3g. I weighed a nano-servo with a "known" (spec.) weight of 9g on my postal-scale, and it was dead-on.

So.. in conclusion; if you had any doubts as to the accuracy of these scales for hobby use, they're accurate enough for most purposes.

My "Dymo" Postal Scale model P3 is powered by x3 AAA batteries, and was purchased at WalMart for around $20.00

My hanging-scale's only designation is "WH-A" series and has a "W" molded into the rear of the case. It uses x2 AAA batteries. I bought x2 of them through Amazon for about $3/ea. with free shipping.

Here's the spec. sheet that came with the hanging scales. (check out the features for something that only cost $3.00..)

digital scale comparison  Digita10
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