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Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes  - Page 30 Empty
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Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

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Happy Re: Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

Post  rdw777 Sun Jun 12, 2022 6:13 am

Nice work Brad,… You put a lot of research and thought into your projects….I really enjoy the videos of the well tuned screamers Thumbs Up
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Happy Re: Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

Post  1/2A Nut Sun Jun 12, 2022 7:52 pm

Thank you RDW777,

The fun is making the most out of the engine power on hand per plane type designed, the building of and testing.
The results confirm efforts made and open the door to the next level of extreme performance.

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Happy Re: Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

Post  davidll1984 Tue Jun 14, 2022 7:11 am

balogh wrote:Thanks, Brad,

yes, exactly as you advised, I chamfered the header entry.

Why do we use 140 for the timing here, instead of the 160 used in the earlier formula? Even if SPI, the exhaust timing remains the same as in a non-SPI cylinder??

I also noted, that the Kyosho muffler may not allow the cylinder thread to fully bottom out in the crankcase, and it may slightly reduce the compression ratio to some extent, albeit not so much that would justify the limping of the engine well below 20k. I did not want to force the cylinder to fully screw in against the Kyosho muffler, but will see if repeated spanning of the cylinder will cause the aluminum header to yield/wear some and the components will finally settle..
It is important to adjust this exhaust collector Yes your assumption is correct the cylinder is not able to screw complete in certain cases Depending on the cylinder used, the only one that is direct fit is the cylinder model found on a simple surstart with rc exaust ring or those designed for The different collectors almost all use a machined cylinder for rc ring
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Happy Re: Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

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