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Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes  - Page 28 Empty
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Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

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Happy Re: Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

Post  --Oz-- on Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:24 pm

On rcg, I saw a post with a quote (amp abuser), but it pointed to 1/2nut Very Happy
Them are some big motors!

OT: I saw this 8S 150A

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Happy Re: Cox .01 /.02 /.05 /.09 /.15 Speed Planes

Post  1/2A Nut on Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:55 pm

I was thinking 3 modern car batteries with lithium tech and make an air boat for the local pond.
Something I can sit in and get a hour on the water would be fun. Also thought about gearing
two together for a inboard drive, anything in a 8.5ft craft doing 35+ plus will be fun.
Quantum Glass batteries are coming out major game changer fast recharge, longer run times
more amps out. Will make manned quads more useful run times over a hour will be possible.

These are about to go in to mass production they are very far along.

Anyone can buy some motors and go fly around the local open areas today.  

Other countries will make it within city air space faster than in America
paving the way for it to become the norm. This will reduce the use of
cars for out of town trips. Folks will first have two forms of transportation.
Later down the road wheels on the ground will cost the environment and
city streets more than air space. Pavements will start to last longer mainly
used for heavy freight and light E use traffic. One day it will be a crime to
start a small gas engine without a paid permit.
1/2A Nut
1/2A Nut
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