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Post  RknRusty Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:57 am

I've been working on the newsletter, determined not to publish again this month at 2:00AM Friday morning Computer Issues Tired w/ Coffee Read  so I haven't posted my flight report or said much in other threads. But now that I have a few minutes, we went to Triple Tree Aerodrome Saturday. They were having a Geez... Old Timer fly-in. Jim, our Jackson Flyers Prez. questioned Wayne if we should go since it was for old guys.  Lol, he's 72 and Wayne is about 66. Wayne pointed out to Jim that we Are old timers now. Besides, they're both on the volunteer staff up there. Wayne also pointed out that being G... Old Timers means we'd probably see planes actually built out of sticks and stuff, rather than styrofoam and money. Good point. Maybe I'd have to take my hat off and show 'em my gray hair. I don't know why it's gotten that way, but if it gets me into all the cool events, well... I'll take it.

So we meeted and greeted for a while and watched R/C planes fly. There was an early model Bell helicopter, the kind with the scaffolding boom and bubble canopy. Like this:
Triple Tree all to ourselves Bell-H13classic
Powered by a jet turbine! That was worth watching. And hearing.

But enough is enough, we came to fly planes on strings. The C/L circles are down at the south end of the runway by the tower and tanks, so we set up under the cabana down there. Will Davis and his wife Melissa showed up a while later. Each of us picked a circle, Wayne on the south one, Will took the north one and I flew on the middle one. They were freshly cut like golf greens, but slightly softer, maybe 3/4" grass. I think there's even a lesser used 4th circle aside from the main three, or could be.

The two electric guys played well together, and I snagged one of them for launches. I started off flying a little crappy. Believe it or not, I was having trouble with my inside loops. I have a hand rotation motion that interferes with my pullouts and other inside turns that I have forever been trying to work out. It's one thing that's been holding me back all this time, contributing to my porpoise-like bottoms, but usually not my loops. I think I have made it a little nose-heavier than I like, so I will work on all that next time. I got my fuel usage fairly well figured out though, 3.25 oz. for the pattern plus 7-10 laps. By the last flight I was doing okay, and there is said to be a video of a Twister flight, but I have yet to see it. Will got 4 sections of a pattern with his TEOSAWKI filmed in Slo-Mo. I downloaded them from his channel and stitched them together. Since I didn't start with the originals they are not crispy clear, but not too bad. If you turn up the sound, it sounds cool when it flies by the camera. And Wayne must've been talking because it sounds like an 800 pound monster at the slow speed.
Here it is:

If I ever get my movie, and if it's a decent pattern, I'll post it too.

We flew from 11 to 5 and got a whole lotta flights in. The wind was light on the ground, but up high it was unpredictable, coming through the trees. I'd swear a few times if I didn't know better, that I'd hit a bird. Or a rabbit. Or some other UFO. As usual, I did some good things, and others were just the same ol' Rusty  Rolling Eyes  I flew the Cardinal once, just to keep in touch with it. It ran like it needed a good tank of fuel through it too. I set it a little rich, not enough to hinder my pattern, but enough to run out of gas after the OH8. I had even added an extra ounce too, almost a full 6 oz. I temporarily lost my ear for needling the LA, but I'll have that in mind next time, so that's a good thing. It's my contest backup. I'd forgotten how hard that 55.5 ounce plane pulls, I'm glad I saved it for last.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Dang, when I clicked on "Post" my computer rebooted. Glad I was backing it to Notepad as I went.

See y'all next time,

Don't Panic!
...and never Ever think about how good you are at something...
while you're doing it!

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