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Feeling a little guilty…

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Re: Feeling a little guilty…

Post  roddie on Thu Mar 02, 2017 9:34 pm

I've been following this thread.. and like all of Mark's builds; I find it very interesting and informative. I'd love to learn more stunts. "More" meaning; more than an inside-loop and flying inverted. That's about all I ever attempted.

This thread has spurred some interest in my building a Skyray (1/2A) "kit" (yes.. a kit) given to me by a deceased N.E.S.T. member back in the early 1990's. His name was "Clay".. so I may name it the "Clay-Ray".. Smile

I like how Mark has adapted the "uni-gear" design to his model. The T/F "Flight-Streak" (and Jr.) used that arrangement. I'd assume that the outboard wing-tip weight would play an important role in successful R.O.G. take-offs. The T/F Jr. Streak's instructions state to point the model slightly "outer-circle" when launching.. and be sure that the flying-lines are held high; so-as not to snag on any weeds.

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Re: Feeling a little guilty…

Post  batjac on Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:58 pm

pkrankow wrote:I am borrowing your idea.  Not sure if I am going to build it.  I found it funny that the Sig Skyray 35 is printed at 53% to produce the desired wing size!  I have not double verified my printouts yet.  

110 square inches would be suited to a strong reed engine, pretty close to the upper limit for CL stunt on a reed .049.


Exactly! Yes, to get the wing chord I wanted, I actually scaled the rib drawing to 53%. I just said 50% earlier because it was a round number. Great Job on your scaling!

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