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Why the cast aluminum body on new engines?

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Re: Why the cast aluminum body on new engines?

Post  Ken Cook on Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:59 pm

Looking at your location, I see New Zealand. Your not by chance the fellow who was making the T-34 Dynajet models are you? Seeing that you have a affection for speed models, I just thought you in turn would be that individual. I have both GZ versions of the .061 and .049. I never ran these engines and seriously regret doing so. Ken
Ken Cook
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Re: Why the cast aluminum body on new engines?

Post  Davenz13 on Fri Mar 23, 2018 10:24 pm

Hi Ken
No that's not me but I do have a JET-X and a JETEX in my collection. lol!

I have purchased quite a few engines out of Russia and surrounding countries without an issue so far but never got round to following up on the cyclon which, after reading Fred's post, is just as well I didn't.I was looking at the cyclon as I wanted to see and hear one of these screamers in the flesh so to speak.

I got the DG Picco for the same reason (plus it was considerably cheaper) which is why I got spare props and plugs for it.
I intend to bench it at some time but I have other projects I really should complete first, like the tether car build which is 2-1/2 years down the track

and I still haven't finished it yet DAMMIT!

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Re: Why the cast aluminum body on new engines?

Post  Surfer_kris on Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:12 am

Has anyone tried to use the Fuji .05 crank in the Picco?

It fits right into the bearings and the length is the same. It has a smaller inside bore, so hopefully it will hold up better than the stock one. The only issue I can see is the crank pin diameter, it is smaller on the Fuji compared to the Picco one. So one would have to make a new insert on the big end of the rod. The Fuji crank also has the little extra pin for the starter, but that is easy to just grind off.

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Re: Why the cast aluminum body on new engines?

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