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Hello, I had a Question asked about the "Special Medallions the 500?

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Help! Hello, I had a Question asked about the "Special Medallions the 500?

Post  Jenuine Motor on Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:23 pm

I have read an article some where, but am presently unable to locate the article about the special order of Medallons total of 500, for I believe a catigory of Free Flighht? My understanding or remberance was that they all had serial numbers and at one time were all accounted for. However I seem to remember that the total 500 were not made, a couple short?
Any Wisdome on this or can Point me in a direction it wouldbe highly appreciated.
Respectfully, Jim "P"
Jenuine Motor
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Help! Re: Hello, I had a Question asked about the "Special Medallions the 500?

Post  RknRusty on Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:55 pm

Good question, Jim. I know the complete answer is posted here at CEF because it's been discussed at length. Unfortunately, I am not one of the ones that knows the whole story. I do know that there was an incomplete run of an order for the NFFS, National Free Flight Society. 238 were made, and each one is numbered by hand. I think most of them are accounted for among various collectors, and some of those guys are here. Sundays are kind of slow, but I'm sure someone will fill you in on the details by tomorrow, if not tonight.

EDIT, I found this at the following website:
Medallion .051 (0.8 cm³)
Manufactured in 1996

In 1996 NFFS president Bob Beecroft approached Cox to produce 300 Medallions for the NFFS (National Free Flight Society). The idea was to allow for easy swapping from ½-A to A for “Nostalgia Free Flight” events.

To make the illegal usage of Tee Dee .051 cylinders impossible, these Medallions were to have dual slot exhausts. The transfer system of the untapered cylinder consists of two bypass flutes each having a single boost channel (the Tee Dee hast two boost channels). The later Killer Bee .051 has exhaust slits of different size. The piston shows an added grove to indicate the .051 displacement.

Just at the same time Estes took over the reigns at Cox and they were not much interested in such a small and not very profitable production run. In the end, 258 engines were produced and shipped in December 1996. The small production run makes the Medallion .051 a quite rare engine - the much touted Venom was made in about 1000 samples.

In contrast to the standard production engines these engines bear engraved serial numbers ranging from 1 to 258 - a leading 5 was added to indicate the unusual displacement. All engines were sold through the NFFS to individual free flight enthusiasts.  A complete record of the engines and their numbers exists. The pictures sample is #5238.

Thanks to Robert Beecroft for supplying the background story about this engine.

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Help! Re: Hello, I had a Question asked about the "Special Medallions the 500?

Post  crankbndr on Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:18 pm

This is a link to info from the
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Help! Re: Hello, I had a Question asked about the "Special Medallions the 500?

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