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I made a wind sock Cox_ba12

I made a wind sock Pixel

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I made a wind sock Empty

I made a wind sock

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I made a wind sock Empty I made a wind sock

Post  OVERLORD Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:10 pm

To know the wind direction and wind speed can be handy in the field. People throw grass in the air or produce soap bubbles in generous quantities. However, with a wind sock, you only have to look up and it's very air port like.

One day, I found a 2,2 meter fishing rod at the skip. Some time ago, I found a wind sock mostly covered in sand on the beach after some heavy weather. They sell them in souvenir shops at the coast. The wooden stick was poked half way through the top eye of the fishing rod and fixed with hamster tape. Done.

I still need some kind of spike to secure it into the ground.

I made a wind sock Imgp5515

I made a wind sock Imgp5514

I made a wind sock Imgp5516
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I made a wind sock Empty Re: I made a wind sock

Post  944_Jim Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:25 pm

Too cool! I like that, especially considering your investment. If my car had an antenna, I'd copy your idea and mount it on the car.
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