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How's the weather?

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Re: How's the weather?

Post  RknRusty on Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:48 am

GallopingGhostler wrote:
If they're counting on pillar blocks to secure those straps after 25 inches of rain soak that sod, I'm afraid they'll be disappointed when they come unsplocked* in a heavy gust of wind... then again, it's worth a try.

* Unsplocked: Rustyism, inverse of splocked; Splock: Noise heard when pilot drives a plane up to its armpits(wing roots) at full speed into soft grassy turf. Ex.: I splocked that dang Ukey so deep the fuel tank was underground. I was leaning back on my heels and almost fell on my butt unsplocking the dang thing.

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Re: How's the weather?

Post  GallopingGhostler on Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:51 am

Actually Rusty, I was being a little facetious when I posted that. It is obvious that although a good attempt, that with gale plus force winds and as you pointed out, the rain further saturating the soil softening it, those anchors will easily pull out.

This is really not the time to be facetious, the storm although downgraded still can be a menace with all the water being dumped along with torrential rains and flooding it brings, not only to mention tornado activity, too.

When all clear is given and provided all can report in as being safe, then is the time to joke, so it's my bad.
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Random thoughts as Flo does what all bad storms do

Post  fredvon4 on Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:18 pm

The well organized and respected Red Neck Navy* is dispatched and currently coordinating with Sherrifs and FEMA in the direct coastal areas....we are only a few hours in...and they already have rescue requests....

*Cajun Navy, an informal network of good Samaritans with small watercraft, once again mobilizes

Winds are still too high for any Helicopter or light boat rescue attempts

When I worked command coordination and communications as a Amateur (Trained) volunteer one big task was to feed as much (RELEVANT) information as possible to Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors, sheriffs, precinct council men or alders or elders-- and places like Louisiana, Parish elders...I am sure there are about another dozen entities or FAT cat big wigs that demand INFORMATION...and always--- there are family in Calif that want to know their kid at University is safe

It irritates me when someone tries to imply that a President (don't matter who) does NOT CARE because he did not drop what he was doing and rush to the area.

Most Governors and Presidents are very well briefed. Usually THEY understand if their entourage does fly in...focus will be on safety for the Leader and his or her team.

This is always a MAJOR distraction and takes precious time, senior decision makers, and resources away from the primary mission

I am not allowed by our Statements of Understanding between the ARS (Amateur Radio Service) and FEMA to tell you any specific Bands, Modes, or frequencies. They are NOT secret and the ARRL volunteers can only use their FCC licensed bands, modes, and frequencies

SO if you have a good Short Wave Radio you can tune around and find a lot of the communications are in the clear and NOT encrypted...

I know there are many many who decide to ride it out mostly because they fear LOOTING of their hard earned STUFF

So It aggravates me when the news services mention (yesterday early AM) that there is ALREADY looting in the evacuated areas
May be fact based and very true....but the rest of the story is NOT presented....Like how 35 individuals were arrested and are in jail for the breaking and entering of property they had no business being in...and the other lil factoid....most looting is against businesses
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Re: How's the weather?

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