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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Cox_ba12

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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty
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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill

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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty 'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill

Post  Kim Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:30 am

Seizing on a suggestion by a club member during last Sunday's flying session, the Breezy Hill Flyers decided to sidestep the Black Friday mania and spend the cool November afternoon punching holes in the sky...along with a few punched into the ground!

There were about six of us out there, alternately chowing down on turkey chili and launching planes and helicopters.  The winds gave us a break through most of the day, which helped with the cold dampness, and we even had a few spectators watching from the driveway.

Billy got in a couple test-flights on his restored Ringmaster Junior, coaxing it's Fox .15 to life, along with his Black Widow powered Baby Ringmaster.  It wasn't the day for loops though, as both his attempts ended with his planes running out of sky.  Still, no serious damage, so they're still ticking.

I had my Shark .15 and Nobler, having some engine problem with both.  The Shark's Enya decided to croak at the start of a loop, giving me the honor of the third 'nose plant' of the day, but with no damage save for a broken prop.  I'm still getting used to the Super Tigre .40 in the Nobler, and we had some starting issues that eventually made me throw in the towel after one flight, but still a good day all around.

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 3_11

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 2_14

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 2_112

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 5_14

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 6_12

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 6_111

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 6_211

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 6_311

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 7_212

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 7_311

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 7_411

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 7_513

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 4_10

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill 8_011

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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty Re: 'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill

Post  Ken Cook Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:12 am

Kim, I admire the enthusiasm and drive behind getting them up in the air. The Philly crowd and myself have  had many of those days and the funny thing is, they're the most memorable. My buddy Larry Wilks and his old pump up Coleman camper stove has had it's share of dogs and burgers on it on those kind of days. We know were in for a good time when we pull up and he's got the stove going. We generally fly all through the year but we make exceptional turnouts just before Xmas and New Years. This year due to a project I've been working on has left no time for contest or flying. I find it enjoyable just to get out and run a engine. I'm glad you got out and had a good time. Ken
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty Grey Friday and Saturday

Post  fredvon4 Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:59 am

As the year nears the end...I just want to say , Ken, Rusty, Kim, and Ron did a great job keeping me motivated this year and with the initial help from Sean McEntee, before he deployed, getting a few models in flyable trim

I have had a lot of fun (but no photos) flying my airplanes this year.

Ken with his very sage and timely (to my builds) advice on setup and building survivable models
Rusty, Kim and Ron posting up on their flights and fun

The other day as 6 of us sat around the Thanksgiving table I said the prayer and went on a bit about my thanks for the occasion... included were all my CEF acquaintances yet un met

"GREY" because we have overcast and coolish temps with no wind so I got to fly yesterday (Blak Friday) and this morning

Screw all the idjits trying desperately to get that $800 TV for $489...I grinned yesterday as I drove past the line waiting to park at WallyWorld on my way to the TOTALLY vacant sports complex to fly my home built toys

A little bummed my son has to work....but he does get double time as a master Electrician (union Scale) so makes more today and tomorrow than I get in a month of retirement....a good thing

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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty Re: 'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill

Post  Kim Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:55 am

Thanks you guys! It's good have guys sharing in this fun, and as Ken said, these are some of the more memorable types of flying days...the food tastes better, the jokes get funnier (or maybe we just laugh easier), and those 'salamander heaters' under the pavilion are REAL appreciated when they're fired up !

For me, it's major flashback time as I remember those winter days when we'd happily freeze ourselves just to get a couple planes in the air!
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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty Re: 'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill

Post  RknRusty Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:31 pm

Hi, Guys!
Thanks a million for the flight reports and familiar contextual embellishments. Fred, I'm honored to have been in your thoughts of thanks. Y'all made me feel a little better upon reading this, because I've been slogging through a metaphorical loose-line low pullout the past couple of weeks. But the lines are tightening and I'm turning skyward now. Kim, you know which of your RC planes is my favorite. Your Shark, the first I ever knew of, is my favorite of your CL fleet.  Here is another one of my favorite Sharks, but I have to look at it with my hands in my pockets:

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Charle10

I was finally able to go out and watch today at our new field at Congaree(local Indian name). I'm glad I made the effort, it was fun. It also was a chilly and mostly overcast day. I wanted to fly so bad, but wasn't about to risk blowing it all for one go, even though I was offered a nice tough RST to fly. And I got a kick out of how easy it is to talk like an expert when you're only spectating. I got to watch Mike Lindler complete his first full pattern which would have gotten pattern points if it was official... now I've got another Intermediate clawing at my back Lol.

I think I'm ready for short stints of standing on the concrete shop floor. My still-busted flagship is really gnawing at me. As well as an unglued Nobler and mostly built 1/4-A Ringbaby. What color?... I'll Google some schemes. It's good to know I'll be back in the game soon. And Ron is coming to work at nearby Shaw AFB in a few weeks.

And earlier today I looked out the front window and saw a crew cutting back the overgrown oaks that had been squeezing me out of my churchyard mini-airport for several years now.

'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Tree_t10

So I'll agree that 2016 has been a success so far.

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'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill Empty Re: 'Black Fly-Day' on Breezy Hill

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