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Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... Cox_ba12

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Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... Empty
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Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051...

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Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... Empty Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051...

Post  MiniatureAircraftFactory Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:55 am

I bought this new from the UK distributors ( Amerang at the time ) when i had a model shop in Liverpool , bought in 1999, in a black and red cox box marked Killer Bee 049

Has slit double exhaust ports , both are the same size, has 2 wide transfer ports that look cut in one go with no extra side boost ones,

Piston has one groove at the bottom, doesnt go into an 049 cylinder from any 049 but fits into a 1988 Teedee 051 perfectly, at TDC the engine has no SPI at all, piston groove is much deeper on the TD 051 than this engine

Piston is slightly shorter than the black widow 049s or the 051 teedee...still no SPI

Has standard type crankshaft, KB starter spring but a hex prop driver, yellow needle valve and High comp head and killer bee back plate with wide screen free venturi

So.....not a real Killer bee... just a load of assorted parts, not even a 049, its an 051....with single piston groove and no SPI

Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... Img_2010
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Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... Empty Re: Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051...

Post  balogh Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:41 am

I had a similar stock configuration, a white horse-shoe production engine with a thin wall 051 cylinder/piston combo, but open cylinder ports and SPI,  shipped New In Box from a COX dealer, powering a COX Super Sport Trainer C/ one and only COX RTF plane, in the early 1970-s. .
I lost sight of it 2 years ago when powering my  R/C Lil Roughneck (a.k.a. Lil Lostneck) plane, with the RX battery running short of juice mid-air, minutes before the fuel also ran out, so it must be sitting somehere in a densely bushy area in the outskirts of of my worst and saddest mishaps in my R/C flier's history.(It was the engine to bring me back to the hobby of fiddling with COX engines in around 2010, so I understandably was/am a bit emotional about it.)

Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... 051_re10

Killer Bee...or not..049 but 051... Lil_lo10
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