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Some glow plug news

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Some glow plug news  Empty Some glow plug news

Post  getback Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:18 am

There was some talk about this but don't see the thread any more ... Ben Shereshaw and Ray Arden Glow Plugs
In 1940 a person named Ed Chamberlin formulated and developed a hot new model engine fuel called "Liquid Dynamite" to replace the old gas and oil mix. (Somewhere in this time period WW II broke out, Liquid Dynamite became a
war material, no longer available to the public, and other matters took precedence over developing model fuel). After the war ended Ed resumed the fuel testing along with Ben Shereshaw and his Bantam .19 engine. During the test
they shut the ignition off, and much to their amazement, the engine kept running. Quickly removing the spark plug
they realized that the ground electrode had broken off and the center electrode was glowing red-hot which allowed
the engine to continue running.
Ben, ever the engineer, experimented and wound small Nichrome wire elements to replace the center electrode making an early prototype glow plug; however the Nichrome material didn't prove successful and burned out very
During this same time period, Ray Arden was also experimenting with the same Liquid Dynamite fuel on his Arden 19.
Ed Chamberlin excitedly advised Ray of his and Ben's discovery regarding the engine running on after ignition shutoff. Ray experimented further and discovered that an alloy of platinum and iridium wire provided a superior catalyst
for methanol and the modern glow plug was officially born. Ray Arden quickly acquired a Patent.
Ben Shereshaw obtained manufacturing rights from Ray Arden and Ben thereafter produced thousands of glow plugs
for OK-Herkimer in his Miniature Motors factory. found here
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Some glow plug news  Empty Re: Some glow plug news

Post  rsv1cox Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:58 am

Interesting Eric, thanks for posting.

I skimmed through your attachment, nice to see all those old graybeards having fun. Most younger than me.

I have an old Arden glow plug, came from the antique shop that sold my son the PT-17.
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Some glow plug news  Empty Re: Some glow plug news

Post  MBT85 Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:48 pm

What a fantastic story.
Thank you for the history lesson!!!
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Some glow plug news  Empty Re: Some glow plug news

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