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Hurricane Irma CEF friends check in

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Re: Hurricane Irma CEF friends check in

Post  crankbndr on Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:18 am

Some storm afterthoughts, Ive seen every storm that came here since the late fifties but never saw one like this. The wind came up early Sun. AM and stayed strong till late afternoon.
Normal storm has strong winds for a few hours before it moves on. I stood on a small porch on the lee side of my house and watched trees fall, many had survived other storms.
No power for a week, bout Wed. got heat stroke, sitting in my living room sweat would drip off my elbows.

A lot of gas can fueling going on, thanks to CARB and out of control EPA I had to use this, I never spilled more gas in my life till it broke then had no way to cap my 5 gal cans.
Siphon was only way to fuel. Why do we let them do this to us??

The folks responsible for this Rube Goldberg spout need to all line up for an azz whippin

For duct tape users this stuff is the best of the best, Im going to get some more. I would call it 200 MPH tape.

Hows it going for you fit90? Hope you are getting back to normal too.
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Re: Hurricane Irma CEF friends check in

Post  fredvon4 on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:09 am

Could not agree more on both items ONE the very worst and ONE the very best

20 years ago I should have put a 55 gal barrel on a stand and got a huge in bed tank to transport... micro ranch not quite big enough to think bigger and delivery service semi annually like a lot of my close real Ranch neighbors do

So to feed my rather large array of yard n garden equipment I have been toteing 4 or 5 Red 5 gallon jugs to and from the gas station for 2 decades and obvious had to replace some over the years....

I do not remember when the IDIOT PRONE (not proof), three hands needed, nozzles first started, but if you ever find the ninnies that mandated then ...line them all up for my turn at the butt kick!
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Re: Hurricane Irma CEF friends check in

Post  fit90 on Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:00 pm

Hey Crankbndr,

We are slowly working our way back to normal. I don't think we will really be back to true normal until some time next year. Day to day life has kept all the storm repairs and clean up going slowly. At least the high end neighborhoods are looking good over here. How is Homestead looking? I know what you mean about those fuel nozzles. I got one a few years ago. It came with several tanks that were meant to use it. None of the tanks had a vent hole of any kind. They do now. Absolutely love the Gorilla duct tape. I use it to tape 4x8 sheets of Masonite to floors on job sites. It holds up beautifully for this. I hope things are going well for you, too.

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Re: Hurricane Irma CEF friends check in

Post  rsv1cox on Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:01 pm

My daughter bought one of the new "safety" gas cans a couple of years ago and gave me all her old ones. Did she ever regret it. Recently she bought a newer edition that she says works very well, a redesign perhaps.

Visit flea markets and yard sales and pick up the old originals.
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Re: Hurricane Irma CEF friends check in

Post  Sponsored content

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