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Post  batjac Sat May 27, 2023 8:25 pm

Figured I’d do a separate thread and stop hijacking the previous thread.

The local bike shop that carries Klotz products did not carry Original TechniPlate (KL-200), only Super TechniPlate (KL-100).  Super TechniPlate has 20% castor so I couldn’t use that for the Testors engines.  So, since I had to order oil from Amazon I ordered Lite TechniPlate (KL-198).  It’s 100% synthetic and Klotz advertises it for use in RC model fuel.  A local Nationals champ swears by it.

It just came in and I mixed up a batch of 20% oil, 25% nitro.  I mounted the Testors 8000 to my quickie test stand and tried starting it.  It started on the second flip!  It runs pretty good, but hopefully it’ll break in some and give me more RPM, as my tach showed right at 14K using the stock Testors prop.  I doubt I’ll use that prop, as it disappears once it starts turning.  I’ll probably use a yellow rubber duckie.  I have a couple that I have reamed out for the Testors engines.  14K is a little low for my tastes, so maybe I’ll doctor up the fuel with a little more vitamin N.

The video isn’t very good because I didn’t have time to set up my camera stand.  I just held my phone while I flipped the engine.  This is the second run so I didn’t try and peak it out yet.  I just let it run slobbering wet.  The third run got cut short because I wasn’t paying attention, I guess.  I ended up putting five runs on it before I peaked it to 14K.  I thought I had more video, but I was more concerned with not putting my fingers in the prop than I was paying attention to the phone video.  It was also short because I didn’t top the tank off, and the engine is clamped with the pickup hose to the side instead of the bottom.  The last run when I unclamped the stand and turned the engine on its side to get all the fuel out, it ran a decent length of time.  Hopefully I’ll get some good video from my hatcam as I fly it.

Now to clean it up and mount it on the Ambush.

The Bushwhacker Mark
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Testors 8000 Empty Re: Testors 8000

Post  Oldenginerod Sun May 28, 2023 4:28 am

While on the subject of Testors, I just missed out on one of these.  Only went for $15.50 plus postage and I was the only other bidder, but I just had a gut feeling that the price was going to keep climbing if I pursued it. I have a couple already so didn't see the need to chase it further.

Testors 8000 S-l16013

Not an 8000 but out of a Testors Galax IV.  The beauty of this engine is that it overcomes the mounting problem Pipe Bomb engines have, with the rear mount being the same mounting pattern as a Babe Bee (or Cub .049A and Fox .049 for that matter) but unlike the 8000 allows you to use an external tank.  Pretty sure the 8000 has the same screw pattern as well, so if you're really set on using a Pipe Bomb the Galax and 8000 models fit the bill, giving you the option of tanked or untanked.  The 8000 certainly seems to command a premium price, but not so many people know about the Galax engine.  

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