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Nostalgia build/unfinished business... Cox_ba12

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Nostalgia build/unfinished business... Empty
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Nostalgia build/unfinished business...

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Nostalgia build/unfinished business... Empty Nostalgia build/unfinished business...

Post  Mike Mulligan Mon Sep 15, 2014 12:31 am

Like a lot of us I have been building and flying since I was a kid. I started with plastic kits when I was about five, with dad's help of course. I built my first stick and tissue model when I was around eight. It was a Guillows Lancer rubber power model and, as often happens with kids, it never flew. In fact I never even finished covering it, for some reason. It didn't end there, of course, I've been building ever since.

I'm sure you can see where this is going, but I was at the (good) hobby shop on Saturday picking up a few things and browsing through the various kits on the shelves (Yes, kits! I said it was the good hobby shop.) and there was a Guillows Lancer. I'd seen them many times before and was often tempted, but this time I bit, though it cost a bit more than the $3.25 I paid in back in third grade!

I have a three foot by seven foot tempered glass table that I build on now, but for this project I broke out the old building board and pins! I'm going true old school on this one. I had a really great time tonight pinning parts down on the plans and gluing them together with Ambroid. The smell of sanded balsa and Ambroid sure takes you back, doesn't it?

Boy, it sure is smaller than I remember... tongue
Mike Mulligan
Mike Mulligan
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Nostalgia build/unfinished business... Empty Re: Nostalgia build/unfinished business...

Post  Ken Cook Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:40 am

Mike, the Lancer is a terrific flyer. I built one using all of my own wood and it was a great flyer. In fact so great it never came back and I lost it. I've also built the Arrow which is another good flyer. I never thought that these could get caught in a thermal. I almost lost my Arrow due to a hawk at our field. It was a calm no wind evening when we pulled out the rubber stuff and I put some light winds on it having it trimmed to fly in tight circles. The hawk apparently sitting stealth like in the trees flew out and tried to attack it. Right when the hawk tried to snatch it up the rubber motor made a noise as it quickly unloaded inside and scared the hawk. Ken
Ken Cook
Ken Cook
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