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Post  ian1954 Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:14 pm

I often have a lttle trouble keeping a sanding line straight and constantly end up revisiting a piece - time and time again. Not too onerous with a small model but as they get larger it is not so easy to maintain a leading or trailing edge wing profile.

As usual, I take an easy way!

I use my building board - nice and flat - cut sand paper into strips and stick it to the board.

A Sanding Tip Sandin10

Then just rub the wing up and down it. Usually with two hands and a scrubbing motion. (Pictures are one handed - camera in the other hand!)

Straightening trailing edge

A Sanding Tip Sandin11

Smoothing the leading edge

A Sanding Tip Sandin12

Adusting the trail edge angle

A Sanding Tip Sandin13

Bevels on airlerons

A Sanding Tip Sandin14
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A Sanding Tip Empty Re: A Sanding Tip

Post  roddie Fri Nov 29, 2013 1:38 pm

Sanding tools are worth any effort it takes to make them. Many of mine are in need of new paper... Sticks and dowels of different grits are great for notching "ribs" and such...

To expand on Ian's "straight-edge"... I've often thought about making a long adjustable 2-piece "V" fixture, using 2" extruded alum. right-angle stock. The angle could be set at whatever taper you need to achieve on your edge. Angle stock would not flex (bow) and give an even cut, using equal feed-pressure (2 hands; like Ian stated)

This would make short work of producing quick/even straight tapers.
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