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Silver Foxx .35 stunt Babe_b10
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Silver Foxx .35 stunt Empty

Silver Foxx .35 stunt

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LOL Silver Foxx .35 stunt

Post  fredvon4 on Fri Aug 05, 2016 12:21 pm

Lew Woolard advertises in Brodak's Control Line world magazine and as I under stand it still flies airplanes and does his special magic to Fox engines on request ( and a ridiculously low cost payment if you supply the good engine) ...Lew is in his 90s

Back about a year ago I did not have a new Fox 35 (but knew Ron Cribbs did) and I begged a big favor of brother Ron

I wanted one Silver Fox stunt 35 before there were no more ever to be had--- so I asked Ron to broker the deal and sell me one of his dwindling stash of good Fox 35s

It took a long time as Ron is all over the USA doing his thing for God and King, making sure air space nav aids, radios, and radars are calibrated and working efficiently..Ron will correct me if I under state his mission and expertise

Most of the long time it took , is Lew has a back log of work, and is very hard to talk to on the phone...especially these damned cell phones with zero voice quality...Thus my begging Ron to intercede and help me

I have had the beautiful Silver Foxx 35 for a few months now, and today, as my grand son watched: it got fueled, primed, and sprang to life with one flip and settled into a nice 4 breaking slightly to 2 stroke---  Must have been run and NVA set by Lew

The grin on my, and my GS Jackson's face, should have been captured on film--- but I did not think to have my wife capture this very cool moment

Today there are good to better Glow and electric options for a mid sized stunt plane.

But if you ever think you, or a younger family member, may just want to play like they did in the 50s or 60s with a Ring Master, Flite Streak, or similar old skool .35 powered stunt plane...

Well there are still plenty of Fox 35s to be found but darned few of them are gone over and tweaked by the masters of the time
Lew Wollard
Clerence Lee
George Aldridge
and a few others

Before Lew goes upstairs to fly with all the masters, I highly recommend doing what it takes to get one of these superb engines

Lew Woolard
Silver Foxx Motors
3025 Locust
Wichita KS 67216

I highly recommend a snail mail larger font letter with your request

A enormously big thanks to Ron Cribbs for his selfless help. I only learned about Silver Foxx here on CEF from Ron's posts about his planes and engines

I Love This Forum!
This Site Rocks!

I can not wait for my next Ring Master Build for this way cool and STRONG engine

BIG PS...Please don't ask Ron to run this gauntlet again...he is all over the USA fixing stuff, and when home, his wife and kids are very jealous of the time they have with him
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LOL Re: Silver Foxx .35 stunt

Post  Mark Boesen on Fri Aug 05, 2016 2:11 pm

Years ago, when i was actively flying stunt, Lew redid a FP 40 for me, runs great! At the time his specialty was reporting Fox .40 and O.S. Fp engines.
Mark Boesen
Mark Boesen
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LOL Re: Silver Foxx .35 stunt

Post  Marleysky on Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:19 pm

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LOL Re: Silver Foxx .35 stunt

Post  Cribbs74 on Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:35 pm

Glad it worked for you Fred and thanks for the kind words!

Lew does awesome work, it's worth the wait. I have a couple .40's that he has reworked, I could use another .35... Wink I think I have one to send his way.

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LOL Re: Silver Foxx .35 stunt

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