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Post  GallopingGhostler Wed Apr 24, 2024 12:24 pm

Roddie's recent experiments with a flared inlet insert on Cox Surestart choke tube inlet reminded me of this video. Found this very interesting video today, the Armstrong Whitworth AW-52 flying wing design of the late 1940's.

It was one of the first uses of the laminar airfoil wing design by the British. It never achieved its altimate goal of a 500 mph aircraft. Miraculously after pilot ejected, aircraft stabilized itself making a near perfect landing in an open English field with minimal damage. It was repaired and further testing ensued.

Instability problems above 300 mph caused the company to abandon further flying wing development for more conventional aircraft.

It proved successful ejection use of the prototype rocket powered ejection seat and led to further developmental use of the laminar flow airfoil on future aircraft on our transport planes, subsonic bombers, and other jet aircraft.

It also shows that testing is important to substantiate applications of theoretical designs. Although A.I. may help with further narrowing down alternatives, in spite of claims (follow the money), putting designs to practical physical tests is still a must do requirement in this world.
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